A Week on YummyDiet: How 1800 Calories Daily Can Taste So Good

It’s a week after a week-long photo assignment down south and I was back to attending meetings and presentations aside from writing.  Hardly a good time to try out a 1800 calorie daily diet.  I didn’t even remember weighing myself for a before and after comparison, not that I’m overweight but on hindsight, that’s well and good.  In my busy-ness, I wasn’t even really keeping track of what the courier delivered every night for eating the next day — I merely made mental notes of what made a nice impression on my palate.

I must admit, I never really had any inclination to go on any sort of rigid dieting as I’m blessed to have a fast metabolism though as someone who used to be ACE-certified in Lifestyle and Weight Management, I’m no stranger to diets.   Five days of 5 meals daily (3 main, 2 snacks) would be too much to detail in this short post/review so I opt to instead list my impressions on the offerings that are more memorable than the others, as well as my general impressions.

Most memorable snack: Apple slices and almonds with cinnamon dip.  Not fancy but downright flavorful and filling enough to bridge the lunch and dinner hours.  Next most favorite snack is Queso de Bola slices with honey dip.  It’s simplicity redefined but the taste is exquisite, the saltiness of the protein-rich queso de bola balanced with the fruity sweetness of honey.

Pork tapa, baked eggs and brown rice
Pork tapa, baked eggs and brown rice

Most favorite breakfast: Pork Tapa & Baked Eggs with Cucumber and Garlic Red Rice.  I like it that YummyDiet isn’t afraid of offering eggs on the menu.

Most favorite dinner: Chicken, Sausage & Bell Peppers Skewers served with Steamed Red Rice.   As a primary protein source, grilled chicken is a good choice though it can admittedly be bland.  The sausage gives the meal a tasty, meaty, twist while the bell peppers add a Vitamin C punch.

Szechuan Tofu and green bean stir fry
Szechuan Tofu and Green Beans Stir Fry

What I think of the meal selections: varied enough to keep me interested, not that I’m the type of person who’s easily-bored.    The meals seem well thought-out, the flavors live up to the name.

Some nitpicks: Not really a Nescafe fan here so I was expecting something else for the choice of coffee (I switched to Bencafe Brazilian coffee a year ago as it taste really good and is kinder to my acid reflux predisposition).  In only five days, I’ve also accumulated a lot of plastic containers which could be worrisome for the environment.  Just a thought: maybe regular customers can have reusable containers that can be washed and recycled, sent back to the courier every time there’s a delivery.

Value for money: the 1800 calorie meals costs P2500 a week.  It’s not cheap though if you’re the type of person who eats out every weekend and wants to clean up your diet, this can be reasonable.  It’s a good introduction to more healthful eating, that is, if you mind what you eat and learn from the experience.

Assorted items from yummydiet
Assorted items from yummydiet

Most yummy lessons learned: calorie restriction doesn’t mean bland eating or going hungry for most of the day — I guess that’s what keep most people from cleaning up their diets.  I appreciate the fact that for most of the five days, I was eating brown rice either for lunch or dinner which kept me full for like 5-6 hours.

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