Affordable lunches are big at Italianni’s

Spiedo del Pollo e Dei Pesci (Chicken and Fish Skewers)
Spiedo del Pollo e Dei Pesci (Chicken and Fish Skewers)

Right from the start, Italianni’s was among the casual dining restaurants that have become synonymous with big servings. Not to say that the food isn’t good because it really is; it’s just that people with bigger than usual appetites have always been drawn to it because of the very generous servings. The price point is okay for the kind of food and service; however, it is a bit pricey for regular dining. Italianni’s makes amends with five new menu additions just for this summer. The formula is simple: filling weekday lunch entrees and big servings (fit for sharing) complete with pasta and veggies at more affordable prices – how can you go wrong?

pesci in vinoblanco (fish fillet in white wine)
Pesci in Vinoblanco (Fish Fillet in White Wine)

Lagal[og] said: I’m not crazy about fish but the Pesci in Vino Blanco (Fish Fillet in White Wine) is really good. The Dory fish is tender yet firm, delicately flavored with hints of herbs and white wine that just embellish the flavor of the fish, not drown the succulent flesh.

marinata del manzo di arrosto (beef pot roast)
Marinata del Manzo di Arrosto (Beef Pot Roast)

Ironwulf said: The Marinata del Manzo di Arrosto (Beef Pot Roast) has a really tender and very tasty meat topped with mushroom sauce. I actually thought it was lamb with its distinctive meat taste. The Aglio e Lolio spaghetti that comes with it is moderately flavored, just enough to complement the main dish.

pollo con rucola (chicken with arugula)
Pollo con Rucola (Chicken with Arugula)

Lagal[og] said: Among the new lunch dishes, my hands-down favorite is the Pollo Con Rucola (Chicken with Arugula). I really liked the liberal use of balsamic vinaigrette and herbs which gave the chicken a delightful twist that kept me hankering for more. It came served with Aglio e Olio which was the tastiest and most flavorful pasta of the whole batch.

Ironwulf said: Their Baby Back Ribs Braised in Tomatoes and Red Wine, which they call Costana Brasatta, is one of my favorites. I could easily taste the herbs and the kick of garlic flavor which I really liked. The moderate flavor of the spaghetti was a nice complement. The Spiedo del Plllo e Dei Pesci or Fish and Chicken Skewers is very tasty outside — you can clearly taste the pesto marinade — but inside, the meat isn’t as flavorful. The spaghetti it came with, however, has a stronger flavor, probably to complement the moderate flavor of the grilled meat.

spiedo del pollo e dei pesci (fish and chicken skewer)
Spiedo del Pollo e Dei Pesci (Fish and Chicken Skewer)

Lagal[og] said: To me, the Fish and Chicken Skewer comes as a close-second to the Chicken with Arugula. Very tasty, very tender and yet not overwhelming to the taste buds. The combination is perfect — chicken and seafood — which also makes it a good choice for health-conscious lunch-goers.

All five lunch dishes will be served in all Italianni’s branches during weekdays all summer-long. The only exception is the Manzo di Arrosto (Roasted Rib Eye) which will be available only at the Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt branches.

Italianni’s Restaurant
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  1. Believe it or not, I have never gone to an Italian restaurant. All the ones you featured look delish. The good thing about the economic downturn is that restaurants here are offering a lot of reasonably priced lunch menu selection. Is it the same back home?

  2. pretty hard to believe that one photo cache for you seem to have a very international palate 😀 and oh, the dishes featured here are indeed, very nice to the taste buds

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