Angeles City Foodtripping: Kitsch and Cakes at Cioccolo

Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake
Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake (P145/slice)

It’s off the usual route and takes a bit of traveling to get to but Cioccolo is an interesting place to go to at night. Right in the middle of a dark field, it seems a place of enchantment has sprung up, magically lit up at night. There’s R2-D2 in one area, Elvis in another as well as Roman statues here and there among a host of other curiosities that catch the eye and piques one’s interest no matter how blasé he or she can be. There are even huge banquet halls spread out on the spacious lot that looked like settings for a medieval tale complete with trompe l’oeil ceilings, huge chandeliers, gilded walls and ornate furniture. Cioccolo’s truly kitschy as kitschy can be but in a pleasant way, maybe strangely romantic even like a fantasy world.  Contrastingly, the coffee shop looks “normal” and “real world”, warmly lit and inviting for a nightcap. The whole place looks every bit interesting but we wonder if the food could be as “kitschy” good as well.

Cioccolo's Facade
Cioccolo's Facade

Lagal[og] says: The visual riot of Cioccolo is quite something. I was actually surprised (mildly shocked?) that something like this exist in Angeles City. Having seen the place, I was looking forward to the cakes which were highly recommended by our friends from the local tourism office. The highlight piece was the Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake. I’ve seen and tasted my share of cheesecakes and Brazo de Mercedes before but never in one cake. The sweetness of the Brazo compliments the creamy saltiness of the cream cheese. Goes really well with their freshly-brewed coffee. And I guess, thematically, the combination of the two beloved cakes can be considered as a “fantasy concoction” befitting a fantasy place as this.

Midnight Chocolate Cake
Midnight Chocolate Cake (P145/slice)

Ironwulf says: Being a chocolate lover, I was looking forward to the Midnight Chocolate Cake that evening. Its dark colored layers of chocolate didn’t betray its deep and rich chocolate taste. I felt my fork slice into the firm yet not spongy slice and immensely enjoyed its rich, chocolatey goodness.

Ferrero Cake
Ferrero Cake (P140)

But my favorite chocolate treat would probably be the Ferrero Cake.  Ferrero is one of my favorite chocolate brands and now it’s generously used in a cake.  What more can I ask for?  Every bit of it was so good, especially the layers made crispy by the Ferrero chocolate.

The Cioccolo interiors
The Cioccolo interiors

Lagal[og] says: We came here for a night cap after an afternoon of trying out different eating places in Angeles. It was tempting to peruse the menu for the main course offerings if it weren’t for our state of satiation. Next time, we will come and eat for dinner instead.

Royal Garden Estate
Fil-Am Friendship Highway
Circumferencial Road, Angeles City
(045) 887 2009

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