Angeles City Foodtripping: Panizza and gelato stop at C’


Rolled C'Italian Panniza
Rolled C’Italian Panniza

We came to C’ Italian Dining towards the tailend of our Angeles City foodtrip assignment for a magazine.  It was just early evening but we were already full after a day of glorious eating.  But who’s to resist a serving of Italian fare?  Not us, especially when it comes with a promise of ice cream at the end of the course.  Finding the restaurant was a cinch as it is located just along Clarkview, literally within view of the entry gate to the Clark Ecozone.  The first thing we noticed while waiting to be seated was the wall-lined with plates upon autographed plates, kind of like badges of good taste.  As if we needed any as the place, the originator of the Panizza, the medley of Panini and Pizza now becoming popular in other joints, came highly recommended by our friends from the tourism office.

Panizza strips
Panizza strips

Lagal[og] says:  Coming here even on full tummies was a good decision even just for the taste of the Panizza.  The very thin crust is baked to a crisp and cut to strips.  But the fun really begins by taking some arugula and alfalfa and rolling the thin strips.  The mozarella provides the requisite saltiness, the arugula a hint of bitterness, the bean sprouts adding crunch to the mix.  It’s the signature dish of C’ and is a must-try.

The strawberry Gelatto upfront
The strawberry Gelatto upfront

Ironwulf says: The Panizza, which they have been serving since 2004 is what made C’Italian popular. And indeed it was good, the edges were really crispy but the center was ridiculously soft enough to roll along with bits of alfalfa and arugula inside for that nutty taste. The Kristina variant with its bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sun dried tomatoes and mushroom became my instant favorite.

Chocolate Gelatto
Chocolate Gelatto detail

Lagal[og] says: We really wanted to sample more of the fare but we were really satiated, with two more food stops to go before we call it a night.  However, we can’t resist the lure of having some gelato to cap the meal.  Boy, we came to the right place.  The C’ Gelato is velvety smooth, very rich and creamy.  Sweet tooths will find it not much of a stretch to come all the way here for the gelato.  It’s that good.  I personally liked the dark chocolate and strawberry variants.

Ironwulf says: After the panizza. we were ready to move to our next stops but the sinfully-rich gelato made us stick to our chairs. From intending to take a spoonful, all four flavors were wiped out very quickly. My favorite was the deep flavor of the dark choco, then the yogurt-like sourness of the strawberry, followed by the crunchy bits on the pistachio gelato. The Cookies and Cream was just okay.


C’ Italian Dining
1210 Don Juico Avenue,
Clarkview, Malabanias, Angeles City
Tel. No. (045) 892.4059

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