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Facade of Aquaknox Restaurant in Makati
Facade of Aquaknox Restaurant in Makati

The facade looks so much more welcoming with the clear floor-to-ceiling glass covered this time with bamboo slats in lieu of heavy drapes.  Stepping inside, the interior is light and airy.  The last time Happyfoodies was here was two years ago.  A lot can happen in that span, in fact, a few of the restaurants we reviewed has sadly come and gone.  Happily, Aquaknox has stayed on, reinventing itself along the way.

The more casual and brighter interiors of Aquaknox Restaurant
The more casual and brighter interiors of Aquaknox Restaurant

Lagal[og] says: Given the proliferation of eating places and the fickle taste of diners nowadays, it was a pleasant surprise to see Aquaknox thriving.  I like the more relaxed, more casual vibe — surely more inviting to casual diners like me.  The menu also reveals a lot more choices, most of which are in the P200-300 range.

Beautiful paintings on the wall coupled with good lighing make up the dining area
Beautiful paintings on the wall coupled with good lighing make up the dining area

Ironwulf says: Aside from a few interior changes to go along with the lighter atmosphere, the most noticeable changes were evident on their menu. Meals can go for as low as P100 and judging from the serving size, it’s a pretty good alternative than buying a 2 piece chicken meal from a popular fast food chain. Add to that are the unlimited rice and noodle options they offer.

Bun Thit Voi Cha Gio
Bun Thit Voi Cha Gio (P195)

Lagal[og] says: We got started on the Bun Thit Voi Cha Gio, a cold vermicelli noodle bowl that comes with satay and crispy rolls.  It didn’t look satiating at first look but believe me, this is plenty of food for a hearty lunch.  The satay is cooked just right and the rolls, un-greasy with a fine crunch, didn’t disappoint.

Chao Tom
Chao Tom (P160)

Ironwulf says: We had Chao Tom as one of the appetizers. It’s prawns wrapped in sugar cane served with lettuce and noodles. By itself, the prawn roll was okay but  it’s putting all the ingredients together — the prawn, mint and noodles inside a lettuce wrap  — and dipping them in the uniquely sweet and spicy sauce that makes the flavors come alive. I also like how interactive and hands-on this dish is.

Ga Roti Voi Lac Suong
Ga Roti Voi Lac Suong (P170)

Lagal[og] says: Among the entrees we tasted, the Ga Roti voi Lac Soung (Grilled Chicken and Chinese sausage with sticky rice, scallion oil and crispy shallots) is my favorite. The sticky rice with its melt-in-your-mouth feel reminded me a lot of the millet rice used in the favorite snack in Dumaguete, budbod kabog.  The chicken is tender and the shallots add a crunchy texture.  It’s another deceiving meal — doesn’t look much but it’s really very filling.  Very tasty, too.

Hu Tieu
Hu Tieu (P115/ P195)

Ironwulf says: Their Pho Noodle Hu Tieu or My My Tho looks really nice in its bowl but personally, I found it just average tasting with the broth lacking flavor. A little more flavor for me would make it a lot better.

Ga Kho Gung
Ga Kho Gung (P275)

Lagal[og] says: If you dig chicken, you’ll love the Ga Kho Gung (Chicken in a clay pot, braised in caramel sauce, ginger and scallions), one of the Chef’s specialties.  I guess the secret is in the ginger which adds a hint of spice but then again, the chicken meat is very tender.  If I had more rice on my plate, I would love to swirl the rice in the rich soy-caramel sauce.

Suon Cot-Let Noung
Suon Cot-Let Noung (P99 / P140 for unlimited rice, soup and dessert)

Ironwulf says: Their Suon Cot-let Nuong or grilled spicy pork steak has a surprising flavor. The steak was deeply savory spice and has that pleasant light aftertaste. The serving size was also larger than I expected which comes with vegetables and soup making it’s P140 price.

800 Arnaiz Avenue cor. Amorsolo St.
Makati City • Tel. 894-3380 •
with a branch at Unit 2, Madison St. cor. Ortigas Avenue,
Greenhills, San Juan • Tel. 706-6330
Open for lunch and dinner from Mon to Sat

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  1. Didn’t realize their prices are affordable. I shall try soon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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