As Pinoy as Guapple Pie in El Ideal

El Ideals Guapple Pie
El Ideal's Famouse Guapple Pie

How does one turn something as iconic-American as apple pie into a very Pinoy fare? It’s either a big mistake or a big hit. In the case of El Ideal Bakery, it’s a big, big hit. So much so that all of the locals we met during a trip to Silay, Negros Occidental, recommend its Guapple Pie with near reverence. And it’s really no surprise as the pie has been a consistent bestseller ever since it was introduced by this institution in Silay. Made from the guapple fruit (oversized variety of guava), it is a favorite among the locals and a must-taste for all visitors. No wonder it constantly makes the lists of yummy desserts across the Philippines.

Guapple Pie Slice (Php 35)
Guapple Pie Slice (Php 35)

Lagal[og] said: I had a bout of food poisoning during our second day of our Silay trip but I heard so much about this pie that I simply have to taste it. And I was amply rewarded. Biting into crunch-flaky crust, I taste the moist and flavorful guapple filling inside laced with a dash of cinnamon. It’s not too sweet so it prods you take another bite. And another. Next thing you know, you’re already ready to order another small pie or better yet, a big one to bring home. No doubt, it would be very nice to eat along with a serving of vanilla ice cream and occasional sips of barako coffee. Simply yummy!

Ironwulf said: The sight of thick layers of guapple slices at the center of the outer pie crust was really appetizing. I remember the fruitful aroma of the freshly baked slice I had tempting me to take a bite. Taking in a portion, I was delighted by its fruitful and crunchy but not so sweet layers of flavors. The added cinnamon on top enhances its guava-apple taste that’s truly one of a kind. A delicacy Silay, Bacolod, should be proud of.

Guapple Pie Box (Php 240)
Guapple Pie Box (Php 240)

Lagal[og] said: I like the idea of having a small pie available (P35) as it is idea for dining in or for those who would just to sample the pie without ordering a whole, large one (P240).

Ironwulf said: I enjoyed a slice so much I bought a box to take home. It didn’t last long when it got to our dining table, everything eaten and savored to the last morsel. Now, if you happen to be going to Silay, I suggest you don’t miss on trying a slice.

Lagal[og] said: …or do as you’ve done amigo — buy a whole box.  I guarantee, no one with a sweet tooth will regret it anyway.

El Ideal Bakery and Refreshment
118 Rizal St., Silay City, Negros Occidental • Tel. No. (034) 4954430 and 4954144

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  1. Very interesting and ingenious of the Pinoys. I am not a fan of apple pie at all, but this one’s worth a try.

  2. roadworthyman said: i also bought a whole box of this mouth watering pie. yummy! haha! namiss ko tuloy trip natin.

  3. photo cache, this is a very popular treat in silay. i thought it was a bit funky to use guava for a pie but this one’s a real treat.

    erick, hahaha, imagine kung di ako nagkasakit noon. i think i’ll clean up the el ideal guapple pie stocks

  4. Since Guapple pie is popular in El Ideal, you should come early morning or around 5 pm so you can taste more of the pies. It is also worth to try their Coconut Pie and Banana Loaf. Better yet, place your orders before coming!

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