Bayani Brew: More than a declaration of independence from sugary brews

Three flavor variants from Bayani Brew

What’s in a drink?  I mean everybody’s got to cool down especially in this hot weather and in what looks like an extended summer.

I try to drink like a liter and a half of plain water daily but if I crave for a bit of flavor, I’ll steer clear of sodas save for occasions when there’s no safe drinking water or strangely, after long mountain hikes (I know it’s not healthy but hey, this is just very rare).  I also tend to favor either fruit juices over soda or if I want a bit of variety, I’d have some tea brews every now and then.  Thing is, a lot of ’em tea brews are loaded with sugar.  Flavorful, yes.  Healthier than soda, ummm not really.

The Bayani Brew Ecosystem
The Bayani Brew Ecosystem

So it’s great that Bayani Brew came up with the idea of tweaking the recipe of tea brews and it’s a change for the better on many levels.    For the flavors,  the drinks made use of local crops such as lemongrass (tanglad), pandan (screw pine) and talbos ng kamote (sweet potato tops).  Alright, it may sound and taste a bit strange at first but the flavors grow on you.   I really liked their lemongrass flavor (aptly nicknamed Kick-Ass Lemongrass) as it tastes great whether it’s chilled or not.  Besides, I’m no stranger to lemongrass as I used to grow it myself.  Lemony and light, you get refreshment minus the caffeine and less of the sugar and calories of other tea brews.   There’s also a Camotea variant which uses sweet potato purple leaf tops.

Greetings from the Brew Crew
Greetings from the Brew Crew

On another level, the drinks are products that make use of crops that are indigenous, perennially and organically-grown.  These are directly sourced and bought at above-market prices, allowing farmers not only access to the commercial products market but also fairer prices. As an urban gardener, I really feel an empathy for the agriculture sector that this budding new enterprise supports.  The products are really more than a declaration from sugary brews; they represent a step in the right and greener direction.

Bayani Brew.  For brews that taste good and does a lot of good.  What’s not to like?

Bayani Brew
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Take home a pack
Take home a pack
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