Brownie points for Brownies Unlimited

Rocky Road Brownies
Rocky Road Brownies

Forrest Gump may have said that life is like a box of chocolates but he never had the dilemma of contemplating on what kind of chocolate brownie he’s going to get out of an assorted boxful from Brownies Unlimited.  That’s what Happyfoodies mulled upon when we got boxes of chocolate goodies from BU over the holidays.  Not to complain though as we’re certified chocoholics.

The Pebble Beach and Choc o' Chip Brownies
The Pebble Beach (top) and Choc o' Chip Brownies (bottom right)

Lagal[og] says: I never met a brownie I didn’t like and that goes for those from Brownies Unlimited.  Straight out of the box, I liked the Peanut Butter Krispies variant.  The peanut butter complements the chocolate while the rice crispies add a crunch to the creamy texture.  Really went well with my mug of brewed Barako coffee.

Espresso and Kriss Kross Brownies
Espresso and Kriss Kross Brownies

I also liked the Rocky Road variant with its medley of cashew nuts and marshmallows though after a few bites, I found it a bit too sweet.  Ditto the Double Fudge and Choc’ O Chip.

Boxes of Brownies
Boxes of Brownies

Ironwulf says: I like brownies but honestly it’s kind of hard for me to differentiate the sweetness so I rely on the texture on how the individual brownie melts as I chew on it. That’s why the Rocky Road Brownies appealed to me — I like the nutty taste and the marshmallows on top. The Kriss Kross and Double Fudge are good but I can only enjoy small portions since both are too sweet. My favorite among the lot was the Peanut Butter Krispies since I like its crunchy texture and the peanut butter melding into the chocolate.

Brownies Unlimited
Available at SM City locations nationwide,
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  1. I share your views, never met a brownie i never loved 🙂

    This post scores high in total YUMMY factor.

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