Where can you find the best casino restaurants in Las Vegas?

When you mention ‘casino dining’ to people, most would not have a clue where to begin. In fact they could be forgiven for thinking it would involve a game of poker at www.gamingclub.com/au/casino-games and a take away. However, since the rise of the land-based casino, the casino restaurant industry has seen an increase. Most of today’s land casinos offer more than just gambling with many having at least one restaurant. With casinos in Vegas being some of the best in the world, it stands to reason that there would one can find some great restaurants here as well.

Not only is the Bellagio Casino one of the best places to gamble in, it is also well known for its cuisine. Its Aqua Restaurant is one of Vegas’ best. The menu has been expertly created by Chef Michael Mina. With mostly seafood dishes, Mina uses only the freshest of ingredients with the seafood being flown in on a daily basis. Not only does the menu offer simplistic seafood dishes but also more sophisticated ones as well. Given the popularity of Aqua, it can be difficult to get reservations especially at the last minute. Prospective diners are advised to plan ahead and make reservations. The restaurant can be found located by the Bellagio’s Conservatory.

If you’re looking for good steaks while in Vegas, then you probably would want to go to the Luxor Casino. Here you can find the restaurant known as ‘Tender’ which gives you a clue as to the quality and attributes of their steaks. Tender only uses USDA prime beef which is flown in daily same as their seafood. One of the top-rated Vegas Steakhouses, Tender offers an impressive wine list which has garnered several awards for four consecutive years. The décor of Tender incorporates various aspects of Egypt. For instance, Egyptian artwork can be found on the walls. The chairs here are upholstered with leopard patterned fabric.

So shall it be seafood or steak to go with your next bet?  At Aqua and Tender, you don’t have to leave great dining to blind luck.

Luxur Las Vegas image from WikiMedia

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