Cantonese as Fine as Jasmine

Suckling Pig
Roasted Crispy Skin of Suckling Pig on Crepe

Just hearing the name of this widely cultivated flower calls to mind adjectives like exquisite, delicate and versatile. It is a flower of many attributes beyond its beautiful form.  To have a restaurant bearing its name means having big shoes to fill. Good thing that Jasmine Restaurant found at New World Hotel lived up to its name, serving some of the finest Cantonese Cuisine in the metro.

Jasmine Restaurant
Jasmine Restaurant Interiors

The interior is very Chinese with its choice of red and gold as well as Oriental architecture. The large tables evenly spaced apart, high ceiling and bright lighting made me feel comfortable inside. The dining ware is also very elegant.

Truffles Foie Gras
Black Truffles Pan-fried Foie Gras wit XO Sauce

The arrival of the Black Truffles Pan-Fried Foie Gras with XO Sauce made me cringe since I both like and hate this dish. I love its creaminess but I can’t somehow stand how ducks are treated to prepare this fare.  The elegantly plated dish was yearning for a bit more oomph. It was mildly flavored and I think I’ve tasted better ones. But the truffles and XO Sauce on the plate yielded interesting flavors. I leaned towards the chili nuances of the sauce.

Suckling Pig
Roasted Crispy Skin of Suckling Pig (P990+)

I was surprised to see a large plate serving of the Roasted Crispy Skin of Suckling Pig on Crepe. They were neatly cut into rectangular bite sized servings. Now this one delivered a delightful crunch with skin so crispy and flavorful, it can stand alone without any sauce. It’s definitely one of the tastiest suckling pigs I’ve ever had.  No surprise, it was an instant favorite on the table.

Mushroom Soup
Flower Mushroom Soup with Fish Maw (P660)

The wonderful aroma of Double Boiled Flower Mushroom Soup with Supreme Fish Maw (fish bladder) rose up from the soup as I opened the lid of the bowl. The broth was really flavorful yet light in consistency. The maw was soft and easy to chew on.

Live Boston Lobster
Live Boston Lobster wok-fried with Cheese and E-Fu Noodles

I really like how they served the huge Live Boston Lobster Wok-fried with Cheese and E-Fu Noodles. The lobster shells were again cut evenly into squares along with the meat which made partaking of the goodies less of a struggle. The lobster meat was really creamy and delicious, making it very ideal to pair with the firm noodles.

Shredded Beef Tenderloin
Shredded Beef Tenderloin (P825+)

Another standout favorite for me was the Wok-Fried Shredded Beef Tenderloin with Scallions in Port Wine Sauce. It must be the tenderest beef I’ve ever tasted. Its consistency is already bordering on the texture of tofu but it’s unquestionably cow meat with its juicy beef flavor.

Stewed Rice with Assorted Meat and Abalone Sauce
Stewed Rice with Assorted Meat and Abalone Sauce (P140+)

On the side was the elegantly presented Stewed Rice with Assorted Meat and Abalone Sauce wrapped in Lotus Leaf. I only had a couple of spoonfuls since I’m already starting to get full but I thought it was really good. I chewed on a few vegetables from the Lotus Root with Celery and mixed vegetables just to freshen up my palate and found the natural crunch of the greens quite good.

Sea Mantis
Sea Mantis "Harbor Style" (P280/100g)

I immediately caught sight of the Wok-Fried Sea Mantis “Harbor Style” loaded with Dried Chili, Black Beans and Crispy Garlic on Top. I was a bit excited to try it since it reminded me of some of my favorite Szechuan dishes while I was in Chengdu which were loaded with chili. I took a piece and wondered if I should eat the skin as well. I removed the head and chewed through the crispy skin. It was milder than I expected but it was a nice tummy filler.

Chilled Orange Jelly
Chilled Orange Jelly (P300+)

For dessert, I thought the Chilled Orange Jelly served in Whole Orange was something I was able to try before in Unit 8 Café but it was totally different on the inside. Here at Jasmine, they packed the inside with a rich concentrate of oranges. I heard they packed in six oranges per serving and done this without actually using jelly. It was a real surprise and I enjoyed it so much. It’s so fruity and refreshing that I would certainly visit Jasmine for this dessert alone.

Glutinous Dumpling
Glutinous Dumpling (P160 per order of 2pcs)

The last dessert served was Glutinous Dumpling stuffed with Chocolate and Tossed with Fine Peanuts. It looks so nice seeing it on the plate. It was a bit heavy but the chocolate filling was very rich. If my tummy were not as filled, I would have eaten more.

Jasmine Restaurant
2 Level New World Hotel, Esperanza St. cor. Makati Ave.
Makati City, Metro ManilaPhilippines
(02) 811-6888 loc. 3338

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  1. the inhumane way of harvesting foie gras sours me to the delicacy more so than its steep price.

    that orange jelly looks very refreshing and a perfect end to this “fatty” meal.

  2. Roasted Crispy Skin of Suckling Pig on Crepe? wow, that’s an interesting combination. Lobster and crab are so tempting, they look so good!

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