Catching Up with J.Co Donuts and their Tropical Treats

It’s been more than three years since J.Co Donuts and Coffee came to the Philippine shores. I still remember the unbelievable long queue on the very few branches they had. We can’t blame those people as happyfoodies too raved about their not-too-sweet but delicious donuts. Lately, J.Co has a more relaxed atmosphere with more manageable lines that doesn’t seem to be in a state of panic to take home boxes. People can enjoy coffee, frappes and their donuts in an unhurried pace and actually share some quality chats with friends. Happyfoodies was just glad to find a window-side table with comfy chairs and get to try what’s new to add to their old-time favorites.

The Dazzling Queen and Coconut Mocha Frappe
The Dazzling Queen and Coconut Mocha Frappe

Tropical Treats

The Philippines and Indonesia (where J.Co originated from) are tropical countries. It is no surprise to find their new offerings infused with coconut goodness. Their new Coconut Mocha Frappe is just the right blend of iced coco goodness with the richness of their mocha flavor. Albeit too sweet for my taste, the combination works with the helping of some coconut jellies for that playful texture and flavor.

Delightfully plump, topped with bright pink layer of strawberry-choco with white bits of dried coconut bits, the Dazzling Queen is true to its name. An eye-catcher among a field of eye-candy donuts from J.Co Donuts. It’s coco-berry is smooth with the signature balanced sweetness from J.Co.

JCo Club Cheezy Rich
JCo Club Cheezy Rich


The sandwiches may have been there for sometime but it’s one of the treats I haven’t tried yet. I definitely like the J.Club Cheezy Rich sandwich with its insane layers of different cheese. There’s also the savory J.Club Sausage. Both a great accompaniment for their coffee for only P55 each.

JClub Sausage
JClub Sausage

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