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  • 711 Chef Creations: Claude Tayag’s Sumptous Food-to-go

    711 Chef Creations: Claude Tayag’s Sumptous Food-to-go

    I’ve always regarded convenience store food as a quick-fix for sudden hunger pangs. They are not bad nor exceptional either, just something to fill up the tummy. 7-Eleven though is set to change how people look at ready-to-eat meals with their introduction of 711 Chef Creations. Three variants of Pinoy food favorites, with the stamp of approval from renowned Chef Claude Tayag of the famed Bale Dutung, will be widely available to 7-Eleven stores by May.

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  • Snacktime with BonChon Snack Ons

    Snacktime with BonChon Snack Ons

    Fast paced city living has also changed people’s eating habits. Always on the go, snacking seems to be a practical choice to balance nourishment with other daily task. BonChon thinks, snacking should not only satisfy mid-meals (or main meal) cravings but should also be affordable yet maintain the quality of taste and quantity of serving. BonChon Snack Ons offers quick fix meals, snack sized munchies from their all time favourites meals from this Korean crispy chicken resto. Happyfoodies got to sample these Snack Ons and check out what we liked.

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  • Top Torikatsu: a quick meal that doesn’t taste like a quick fix

    Top Torikatsu: a quick meal that doesn’t taste like a quick fix

    When your Happyfoodies got an invite to sample Top Torikatsu, we were a bit skeptical.  The market is stuffed with quick fixes and instant food that are just that — quick to prepare but admittedly, short on taste.  It seems that if you’re always in a rush, you’ve got to put up with less than tasty meals.

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  • Bonchon: More than just Super Crunchy Chicken

    Bonchon Spicy Glaze Chicken I always pass by Bonchon at Megamall but never had the chance to try it before. One reason why? It’s always full and I somehow lack the patience to wait for food if I’m already hungry. Then Happyfoodies was invited for a taste test at one of their newer branch at Bonifacio High Street. This time we got the chance to get to know what makes people crazy about this Korean Chicken.

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  • A Different Kind of Goodness with Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burgers

    Jollibee Hash Brown Burgers Two potatoes emitting electricity, a yummy block of cheese every mouse would envy, a toy cow bag and a travel scale? I could understand the Travel scale but what’s with the rest of the clues? Well today Jollibee was able to shed light on the mystery as we dined in found out what goodies Jollibee was cooking up. Well combine all those elements in the clue is one yummy experiment up their sleeves. It’s the new Jollibee Hash Brown Burger.

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  • Healthy Burgers at Good Burgers

    Good Burgers Margherita Burger I have always known burgers as sort of a junk food especially on fast food restaurants. They are fatty and chock-full of cholesterol. It’s a good thing while I was wandering around our neighborhood in Pasig with guest foodie friend and travel writer, Jen, to find some good eats, we found Good Burgers along C5 road just opposite SM Hypermart. Good Burgers has been around for quite a while serving healthy vegetarian burgers. On their glass counter they banner that they are one of the very few PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Proggy Awardee in the country for having the “Best Veggie Burger” . Now it’s definitely worth a try.

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