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  • BonBanhmi, a slice of Vietnam in Makati

    BonBanhmi, a slice of Vietnam in Makati

    One of life’s hidden blessings is living a short walk away from nice eating places.   It doesn’t always have to be fancy, swanky places or franchises of big chains.   Personally, we at Happyfoodies are big fans of small establishments, hole-in-the-walls and mom-and-pop operations whose offerings defy their size and relative obscurity.  Stumbling upon BonBanhmi along Mayapis in Makati is a good example, a small nondescript shop operated from the house.  If it weren’t for the small sign, it’s fairly easy to miss.  The giveaway sight is the usual display counter.  For an eating area, it has a converted garage furnished with monobloc tables and chairs.  But if the place is simple, the food is anything but.

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  • Short Orders: Nature’s Original Vege-Sisig is Sisig that’s good for you

    Short Orders: Nature’s Original Vege-Sisig is Sisig that’s good for you

    We’re no strangers to vege-meat and it’s wonderful how far this meat look- and taste-alike has come to resembling the real thing sans the animal fat.  Nature’s Original is Silang, Cavite, is a very good stop enroute to Tagaytay.  Well, if you like curiosities and mementos like mugs and coffee, it can be a destination […]

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  • Melaka: Biting into The Goodness of Julie’s Biscuits

    Julie's Biscuits Who doesn’t like biscuits? For me they are the ultimate travel snacks keeping the hanger pangs at bay when the journey seems long and the next eatery is kilometers away. I make sure to always have them with me. So when happyfoodies, gets a chance to visit the factory of Julie’s Biscuits (not to be confused with Julie’s Bakeshop in the Philippines) Malaysia’s most popular biscuit brand in (Melaka) Malacca, I felt like a kid off to a field trip. I was also excited to know what made Julie’s the queen of biscuits in this country.

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  • Angeles City Foodtripping: Finding a piece of Vietnam in Banh Mi Saigon

    Angeles City - Banh Mi Saigon Banh Mi II Angeles City may be a chartered city independent of Pampanga since the 60s but it still shares the Kapampangan flair for cooking up delicious fare and perhaps more importantly, a contagious appetite for joyful eating. It’s a tall order to live down its naughty, steamy reputation but the city has another side that can satisfy the other senses. By that we mean the nose and the taste buds. Your Happyfoodies tagged along for a food trip of Angeles City and what we found pleasantly surprised us.

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  • Chips go healthy with California Crunch

    California Crunch Cassava Chips I couldn’t resist the temptation of opening the bags so I went ahead and opened one. The unmistakable smell of sour cream and onion chips wafted into the air inviting me to dig in. The flavor was very sour cream & onion-y. The mouth feel was spot-on crunchy. Not that I would mistake it for potato chips (the slightly thicker slices and wee bit starchy) but it’s close. The chips are from California Crunch and these are cassava chips. But it ain’t the same ole kamote chips we are accustomed to.

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  • Hot tsokolate, steaming coffee and hearty breakfast at Kuatro Kantos

    Kuatro Kantos Grilled Ensaymada With the rainy season upon us, it would take a compelling reason to get out of bed (or a warm, dry office) to go look for breakfast fare. That’s exactly what your happyfoodies did, visiting the walled city of Intramuros on a rainy weekday morning maybe not much out of curiosity to ogle at the historic sites but more out of a compulsion to try something beside the usual fastfood variety breakfast.

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