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There’s a growing number of third wave coffee shops in the country, a testament on the burgeoning taste of coffee lovers out there. The Coffee Beanery, who have established their premium coffee brand for more than a decade, responded to this heightened sophistication and revived their coffee offerings to cater to this market. Letting customers appreciate real coffee as art.

Siphon brewing method
Siphon brewing method

Real Coffee

The Coffee Beanery understands that real coffee takes time. Aside from just asking what coffee the customers want, they also ask which brewing method they prefer. From their high quality medium roasts bean blends of Panama Carmen Estate and Kenya Karimikui, they have a choice for the following meticulous methods of brewing:

The classic Siphon is a tried and tested brewing method which uses vapor pressure and vacuum. As water heats up on the spherical lower chamber, vapor pressure pushes the the water up to the upper tube containing the ground beans. As it cools down, coffee drips back to the sphere container. This process produces a smoother, less acidic and a slight fruitiness to the coffee.

Aeropress brewing method
Aeropress brewing method

The modern AeroPress method works like a syringe which uses cylinders to steep and press the coffee using air pressure. The resulting flavor from this method extracts a much stronger and whole flavor .

Pour over or drip brewing method
Pour over or drip brewing method

The Pour Over or Drip Method is quite common as it uses paper filters filled with ground beans. It is in the control and motion of pouring over that yields a more subtle flavor with hints of nuttiness on the coffee.

Premium Tea Blends
Premium Tea Blends

Premium Teas

Tea lovers won’t miss out on the meticulous care The Coffee Beanery puts on their tea blends. Customers can choose from a variety of fruity blends like mango or pineapple or the traditional but soothing Black Herbal tea. Tea are steeped on an interesting (da-yu-deh) containers that amusingly drips the tea to the cups when placed on top.

Refreshingly cool Taho Coffee
Refreshingly cool Taho Coffee

Specialty Coffee

The Coffee Beanery‘s team of award winning baristas can also play around with some creative coffee mixes. One such creation is the cool Taho Coffee, mixing the Filipino favorite taho with a calculated blend of espresso and other ingredients. This inventive twist refreshingly works adding the silky flavor of taho to a quality mix of coffee. Currently only available at their Katipunan branch of the Coffee Beanery.

The Coffee Beanery main branch is located at the CCA Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City or call 426-6684 for inquiries. Other the Coffee Beanery branches are:

  • G/F Summit Ridge, Promenade, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
  • Unit 7 Aurora, Barangay Holy Spirit, Commonwealth, Quezon City
  • G/F Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
  • 287 Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • Interior Zone, Carpark Bldg., SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
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