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Offbeat Burger at Wieneke Kitchen
Offbeat Burger at Wieneke Kitchen

It literally takes a lot of guts (pun intended) to call your shop, “Offbeat,” when you’re located at The Collective in Makati City which is an art-meets-commerce kind of space, and adjectives like ‘quirky’ and ‘unusual’ are terms shared by all the shops.  Short of offering bizarre food, how can Offbeat, The Wieneke Kitchen be true to its name?  That we intended to find out for ourselves.

Offbeat The Wieneke Kitchen Interiors at the Collective
Offbeat The Wieneke Kitchen Interiors at The Collective

Lagal[og] says: We’ve always come to The Collective on weekdays when foot traffic is light and you can have the shops and eating places all to yourself. It’s nice meeting up with the owners of the establishments who are mostly hands-on when it comes to operations.  Offbeat caught our eyes since it’s one of the newer shops on what I call The Collective’s restaurant row.  One time we were here, we tried the Backgammon Fries (French fries paired with a rich, dark chocolate dip) and I was surprised it was taken off the menu.  There were also unusual items in the menu that tempted us like Bacon Fries and Babe-in-a-Blanket but heaven forbid, my apprehension over my cholesterol count prevailed.

Offbeat Burger
Offbeat Burger (P190)

Ironwulf says: The Offbeat Wieneke Kitchen looks interesting enough to catch our attention and try it out. It’s still on “Soft Opening” mode so it’s expected that the menu changes from time to time as they experiment. But their staple right now is the Offbeat Burger which uses Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts as buns for the thick and rich Australian Beef Patty. I thought it was good and the sweetness from the donut works well.

Two Way Hickory Ribs
Two Way Hickory Ribs (P200)

Lagal[og] says: I love the Offbeat Burger, both the concept and the taste.  I think the novelty of using Krispy Kreme glazed donut as the top bun works as it offers a sweet but not too overly-so counterpoint to the hefty Australian beef patty plus the egg and bacon strips.  If you thought that the KFC Double Down is downright sinful, you should try this one.  Too bad, the side dish of French fries are not up to the task of accompanying this tasty treat.

Chocolate Bread Pudding Ala Mode
Chocolate Bread Pudding Ala Mode (P150)

Ironwulf says: Their Two Way Hickory Ribs is one of the new meals on their menu that got me curious. It’s ribs served and cooked in 2 ways. First was the one cooked with water, the meat was soft and tasty especially with the use of a smokey barbecue-flavored sauce. I especially liked the bits of meat falling off the bone. The other one was the deep-fried. I was amused because it was crunchy and has this caramelized but not overly-sweet flavor. Both are good but I liked the deep fried ribs since it’s kinda new and tasted really good. Again, their side dish potato wedges for this one is off though.

Flavored Beers
Flavored Beers Melon and Strawberry (P80 each)

Lagal[og] says: To wash all those hefty stuff, I recommend the fruity Melon Beer, with hints of melon but not overwhelmingly so.  We also tried the Strawberry Beer but found it a tad too sweet that we totally missed out on the taste of the beer.

Ironwulf says: I liked not-too-sweet desserts that’s why I enjoyed their Chocolate Pudding Ala Mode. The bread has the perfect softness with layers of rich chocolate. Interestingly the vanilla ice cream didn’t melt easily as expected and is good complement to the pudding.

Offbeat, The Wieneke Kitchen
The Collective
7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village, Makati City
Open Tuesdays to Saturdays

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  1. that is way too much calories. when i was in ny in 2009 i saw that restaurants list the caloric counts of their dishes; lately i’ve seen here in california subway has started to display the caloric contents of its subs.

    that burger with donut is a big NO-NO, no matter what age you are.

  2. Are they the same group who sells the similar kind of doughnut-burger in Mercato Centrale? 🙂 And I really wanna try those ribs!

  3. the flavored beer looks great…

  4. i love the offbeat burger. i hope they find the perfect sidedish for it. the first was chippy, then taro chips, now fries. uhhh… walang nagwowork. hehe.


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