Two desserts in one Custaroon

Regular and Cheese Custaroons
Regular and Cheese Custaroons

Two-in-one coffee mix. Two-in-one toothpaste and mouthwash. Two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Two-in-one mobile phone and organizer. We live in a curious age when consumer products are marketed to be better because they’re essentially two products in one. But how about desserts? Sure, we’ve got cake a la mode but that’s about it. That is, until we heard of Custaroons.

Just what on earth is a custaroon? Well, it’s a mix of custard (or leche flan in more familiar terms) and macaroons (dessicated coconut and milk confection). Custaroon is a term coined by its creator, Gigi Gaerlan, a self-confessed sweet tooth and leche flan fanatic. Hailing from a family of restaurateurs, getting into a hobby of baking sweet treats came naturally to Gigi. In a very competitive marketplace, she felt the need for a unique product she can call her original. So she mixed her liking for custard with her mom’s recipe for macaroons. At first, she just baked batches for giving away to relatives and friends. But soon, orders started trickling in. That was way back in 2000. At present, Gigi’s Custaroons are still home-baked in her kitchen in Sta Mesa. Happyfoodies samples custaroons and shares the experience.

Gigis Custaroons Packaging
Gigi's Custaroons Packaging

Ironwulf said: I have to hand it to Gigi. Her packaging has a simple elegance. The blue boxes with golden seal stickers give you an impression that there is something special inside. I’m even apprehensive in breaking the golden seal but I just have to discover what’s inside. The large blue box has 12 pieces of custaroons on fancy paper cups. They come in two variants: Regular and Cheese Custaroon which you can identify by the design of the cups. The smaller box has Choco Popper Custaroons. Upon opening there is another seal which says to shake the box first. This is to spread the chocolate powder and coat the 35 little poppers inside the box.

Gigis Custaroons
Gigi's Custaroons

Lagal[og] said: I like leche flan but I love macaroons even more. The idea of mixing the two never really occurred to me so I was naturally curious, even skeptic. Will the condensed milk overpower the flan? Will the dessicated coconut mix well with the flan? Will the texture be jelly-like very much like a custard or firm like a macaroon? Happily, one bite into a Cheese Custaroon was all it took to take away my apprehensions. The bite is just right, not too soft but not too hard either. The cheddar cheese added just enough saltiness to balance out the sweetness. One tip: it’s best to refrigerate the Custaroons before you eat them.

Gigis Choco Popper Custaroon Shake
Gigi's Choco Popper Custaroon Shake

Ironwulf said: The Regular Custaroon has milder flavor than the Cheese variant but still has that tender bite and sweetness that isn’t overpowering on the taste buds. I never thought of mixing leche flan and macaroons before but the taste works real well for the custaroons. It has that distinct leche flan taste on the first bite, but as it melts, the bits of dessicated coconut which is very macaroon-ish is left on the mouth to chew on. However, a single piece can be quite heavy on the tummy for me so eat in moderation. Better yet, share the goodness.

Gigis Choco Popper Bite Detail
Gigi's Choco Popper Bite Detail

Lagal[og] said: I love the Choco Poppers. The chocolate used is dark, bitter chocolate which is more to my liking. As with the Custaroons, it’s best to keep the Poppers in the ref before eating them for the right firmness.

Gigis Choco Poppers Custaroon
Gigi's Choco Poppers Custaroon

Ironwulf said: Those marble sized munchkin-like Choco Poppers are really sinful. Pop-in a piece and you’ll find the bitter choco flavor very rich and the yema like texture inside really addicting. It also melts in your mouth leaving small bits of coconut texture to chew on. Simply said, I love the Choco Poppers Custaroon.

Gigi’s Custaroons • 0917.828.2929

original – box of 12: p270, box of 24: p490
cheese – box of 12: p320, box of 24: p540
assorted – box of 12: p300, box of 24: p520
bite-size version available in boxes of 54 and 108
allow 24 hours for orders

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  1. OMG, this looks like devilishly good. I wonder where I can have some.

  2. hi photo cache, the custaroons are indeed delicious. if there was only a way to send you some 🙂

  3. Macaroons and leche flan are already delicious as they are but I could just imagine how good it would taste when you combine both.

  4. hi cache – where are you located? maybe i can find a way to send you some 🙂 — gigi

  5. hi rachel, they’re really something else. you should try some.

    hi gigi, photo cache is based in california eh 😀

  6. Wooo! I’m a macaroon “nut.” Thanks!

  7. these custaroons are just delicious and the fabulous packaging makes it a spectacular gift for any occasion…I cannot wait to try the poppers !!!

  8. hi! for those abroad, i send the custaroons (via a friend/family member) in a tupperware. i just add 170.00 for each tupperware over the base price. i’m still trying to find a way to ship them through couriers (they are very strict with food kasi) 🙂

  9. nakakagutom itong website nyo.. good work!! keep it up!!

  10. raffy, you’ll like gigi’s custaroons then.

    weng, the poppers are also a winner.

    gigi, i never thought you send custaroons abroad 😀

    fernan, thanks for dropping by. if the shots are whetting your appetite, then we’re even happier 😀

  11. hi oggie – oops, i forgot to mention it to you when we met! yes, i do send them abroad – but i need yet to find a way to ship them there in bulk. if you have any suggestions, let me know PLEASE! 🙂

  12. Another great find in this wonderful blog! Thanks happyfoodies. Ms. Gigi, I’ll definitely be getting in touch with you soon. I’m also a huge fan of leche flan, can’t wait to try this concoction. 🙂 p.s. I’m excitedly adding Gigi’s Custaroons to our website right this moment, feel free to check it out soon!

  13. Oh yes, may I have prices for your Poppers as well, and any other items you offer? Thanks!

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