Herencia Cafe: Ilocano Fusion Cuisine at its Finest

Herencia Cafe Langonisa Pizza
Herencia Cafe Langgonisa Pizza

To say I love Ilocano Food is an understatement, believe it or not, Ilocos is one of the regions in the country where the food excites me as much as the sights. On the second to the last day of our Lakbay Norte 2 tour, we ventured to Herencia Cafe, just in front of the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Ssite of San Agustin Church in Paoay. Such a perfect spot where we not only get to see a stunning heritage church, we also got to enjoy the culinary heritage of Ilocos.

Herencia Cafe's Bagnet

Bagnet is one of the most popular Ilocano foods and there are numerous places to try them out. The Bagnet here in Herencia cafe is one of the good ones I’ve tried. It was perfectly deep-fried and tasty.


For a meatless dish, their Poqui-poqui or Ilocano Eggplant Dish was really a standout among similar dishes I’ve tasted. It has an exquisite, fine texture and that lightly- smoked flavor.


I’m not an avid fan of Dinengdeng but I did find this variant to my liking. The bagoong (shrimp paste) base has the right saltiness and distinct flavor. The vegetables were tasty. Sure goes well over with my rice.

Langonisa Pizza
Langgonisa Pizza

Herencia is also known for their different kinds of pizza where they incorporate Ilocano flavors into their toppings. This time we tried their Langgonisa Pizza which I instantly liked. The thin crust of the pizza was really crispy which I prefer. The langgonisa actually melded well with the cheese and other toppings. I really loved it and would surely order it if I find myself back in Ilocandia.

Herencia Café
McArthur Street, Bgy. 14,
Sangladan, Paoay (in front of Paoay Church)
Tel. 077.614.0214

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  1. oh my! everything looks good! cant wait to visit ilocos! lalamon ako ng sandamakmak na bagnet at dinengdeng!

  2. Herencia Cafe rocks! I also love their Pinakbet Pizza and the VIEW!!!! Nothing beats that view. Love it.

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