Remembering Sichuan and more in Singapore Food Street

Singapore China Town Food Street
Singapore Chinatown Food Street

Chinese cuisine has always been one of my favorites. I remember Mapo Tofu being one of my favorite Chinese dishes in a local restaurant. When I went to Chengdu China and ate at Chen’s Mapo Tofu where the dish actually originated, I realized that the Mapo Tofu here is worlds apart from the original one. Since then, I haven’t tasted anything close to it or any of the Sichuan dishes I tried in Chengdu. That is, until I went back to Singapore’s Chinatown Food Street and found some restaurants that offer something close to what I remembered.

Hometown Restaurant Facade
Hometown Restaurant Facade

It’s always a delight to walk through Smith Street also known as the Food Street in Singapore’s Chinatown. While there are many restaurants here, we zeroed in on a restaurant called Hometown. Their exterior is something I would regularly just pass by and the small interiors are simple though clean. Despite its basic setup, people rave about the Sichuan food here.

Mapo Tofu (SG$ 8)
Mapo Tofu (SG$ 8)

And yes, we did order Chengdu’s staple dish, the Mapo Tofu. And it was so good that it seems to have brought me back to Chengdu for the moment. It has the right sweetness and almost jaw-numbing spiciness I liked. The tofu blocks were cut in the right size and there were whole Sichuan peppers which I tried to avoid as one bite would surely numb my taste buds. But there is that certain kick in flavor missing compared to the one in Chengdu though this has to be the closest I can get to the taste I’ve come to like.

Sichuan Spicy Chicken
Sichuan Spicy Chicken

Then, there’s the Sichuan Spicy Chicken with chunks of chicken clumped together with bits of chili pepper. You really have to dig through to get right into the chicken. It was spicy good but not as flavorful as the ones in Sichuan. I guess that’s because they deboned the chicken here to make it a lot easier to eat.  In Sichuan, the chicken is cooked, bones and all, since the meat closer to the bones is tastier. This one is still good though.

Satay (SG$ 6/ 10 sticks)
Satay (SG$ 6/ 10 sticks)

Aside from Hometown’s Sichuan dishes, there are Singapore favorites as well at Food Street. Everyone loves satay in Singapore. We ordered a meal costing only SG$ 6 for 10 sticks of Satay with Peanut Sauce at City Satay. We made sure we had beef, chicken and lamb in the mix. They were all flavorful and tender though I prefer the beef which I find tastier even sans the peanut sauce.

Peanut Soup (SG$ 2)
Peanut Soup (SG$ 2)

For a semblance of dessert, we had peanut soup from the Ah Balling Peanut Soup stall. For SG$ 2, I got a hot bowl of peanut soup with five types of filled rice balls — Peanut, Green Tea, Sesame, Red Bean and Yam. This dessert is best served hot as you let the rice balls melt on your tongue and let the filling ooze. My favorite of course is the peanut followed by the sesame. For dessert, it’s quite heavy but offers good value for the money.

Hometown Restaurant
No 25-25A Smith Street (Food Street), Singapore

City Satay
Stall #2 Smith Street

Ah Balling Peanut Soup
Stall #3 Smith Street (There are other branches across Singapore)

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  1. Hay sa wakas may na feature ka na napuntahan at nakainan ko na. Pero di ko alam kung anong restaurant in particular kasi tatlo atang restaurant and kinunan namin ng fud jan.

    Happy Eating.

  2. I love Singaporean food.. kaya toasts, Hainanese Chicken Rice and satay chicken! 😀

  3. will surely go to smith street next time i am in singapore

  4. nakakatakot lang pumasok sa restaurant na puro chinese characters and nakapaskil. lol
    will definitely go here! 🙂

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