Instant home dinners get the gourmet treatment with Almost Gourmet

Chinese Chicken Tim on Yang Chow Rice
Chinese Chicken Tim on Yang Chow Rice

Honestly, I was half-expecting the instant dinner to be, well, like the usual instant food stuff — tummy fillers that are short on flavor.  So it came as a pleasant surprise to find Almost Gourmet tasty, hot off the microwave oven.  Not a bad idea for home dinners especially for households that are short on cooking prep and time (what household still enjoy that luxury, anyway).

Lagal[og] says: From the stash, I got apportioned the microwaveable stuff — the Shrimp and Mushroom Carbonara Lasagna and the Chinese Chicken Tim on Yang Chow Rice.    The Shrimp and Mushroom Lasagna was pleasantly firm to the bite, with a rich and creamy sauce.  It came with a small sliver of garlic bread that, because of being packed with the noodles and sauce, was a bit soggy.

Shrimp & Mushroom Carbonara Lasagna
Shrimp & Mushroom Carbonara Lasagna

I’m big on chicken so I was excited about tasting the Chinese Chicken Tim, a take-off from the usual Pata Tim (Pork knuckle stewed in soy sauce, vinegar and spices).  The chicken tasted like it was marinated for quite awhile.  I would’ve loved the Yang Chow rice to be packed separately from the Chicken Tim as the sauce somehow drenches the grains.  But I sure appreciate that the instant meal packs come in microwaveable containers which make them easy to heat and less messy to enjoy.

Australian Steak
Australian Steak

Ironwulf says: I got to try the aged and seasoned prime rib Australian Steak. While I’m not really a cook, I just had it grilled well-done on both sides. I had it a bit too well-done but it was still good especially when paired with the gravy that came with it.  I think if I hadn’t overcooked the steak, I would appreciate its flavor more.

Herbed Parmesan Chicken Sticks
Herbed Parmesan Chicken Sticks

The Herbed Parmesan Chicken Sticks were my favorite. You can have it baked or fried. I chose the latter. I had it deep-fried until golden brown. I really like the flavorful spices on the crisp surface of the chicken sticks. The honey mustard sauce lends an added flavor to the sticks.


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  1. The fried rice reminds me of this Tom Yum fried rice that I had in Singapore. Really yummy! 🙂 Please keep your posts coming, even though it always makes me feel hungry. Haha. I think you should really join the Reader’s Digest Asia street food contest. You guys have talent 🙂

  2. I hate your blog! You’re just making me hungry! Hahaha Just kidding, I really get hungry reading food blogs but I never hate them. I just can’t relate on some of them because I never tried eating any of them

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