Johnny Rockets | The Lobster Wagyu Burger and Wasabi Milkshake

Johnny Rockets Lobster Wagyu burger

American comfort food and retro ambience come in leaps and bounds once I entered Johnny Rockets in Libis. Oh yeah, the dancing crew has some moves to the tunes of early 90’s and 80’s music. I think I counted more than four dance routines they have. But when the music tones down its really all about the food. I remember enjoying Johnny Rocket’s Philly Steak and of course, their milkshakes. So I was curious to try their new Lobster Wagyu Burger and Wasabi Milkshake. One of a kind offerings that would surely delight pique interest for a food lover like me.

Premium burger at Php 925
Premium burger at Php 925

Lobster Wagyu Burger

I must admit, the idea is quite unique pairing a rich wagyu meat patty with bits of lobster meat. Both premium ingredients. How they blend? Well it adds that pleasant seafood flavor to an already tasty meat. And if you are a fan of crustaceans like lobster it is enjoyable. Good news, half of the lobster is served on the side. The burger bun could be better though but good thing they have unlimited fries on the side. A premium burger like this comes with a premium price of Php 925. If you feel like splurging, why not try this out.

The wasabi milkshake (Php 195)
The wasabi milkshake (Php 195)

Wasabi Milkshake

Another interesting offering for Johnny Rockets here, and I think we can all agree they have the luxury to play around since like I said, they already have very good milk shakes. Though the Wasabi milkshake is really an acquired taste. It still has that rich and creamy texture and the wasabi is slightly tempered down. The distinct sharp flavor oozing up from the throat to the brain does come in on continuous zip. If you love wasabi, you should try this.

If you want to try these new offering check out the Johnny Rockets branches at Eastwood, Burgos Circle, Tomas Morato, Forbest Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Subic Harbor and the East Wing of Shangri-la Mall.

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