Sweet Satisfaction at Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe

Cupcakes from Kim is Hungry

From what started as an online business of selling baked goodies and treats in Instagram and Facebook, Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe is one sweet success story. With enough loyal customer base who enjoyed her dessert offerings, Kim Gonzales, the owner, managed to open her own cafe. Now, her customers and walk-ins can enjoy her cakes, and cupcakes with the addition of coffee, frappes and other meals.

Pizzadilla (Php 90) and Lasagna Roll-up (Php 120)
Pizzadilla (Php 90) and Lasagna Roll-up (Php 120)

Tasty Meals

It was afternoon in Angono and our group was yearning for a snack following a tour at Blanco Musuem. Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe was our next stop. A cute little cafe found at the 2nd floor of a building. A little tricky to find if one is not aware but it makes the cafe a nice hidden gem for those in the know. It can only seat up to 20 persons so if you got to find a spot, enjoy the dining experience.

Carbonara (Php 90)
Carbonara (Php 90)

As a filler, we tried their pasta dishes. I liked that their Carbonara (Php 90) which wasn’t too saucy but still creamy enough to taste. Their Lasagna Roll-up (Php 120) too was rich in tomato, cheese and fillings. The Pizzadilla (Php 90) was really memorable. The ground beef, ham, pepperoni and cheese in quesadilla was oozing with tasty meat flavors.

Cupcakes clockwise from left: rocky road, double chocolate hazelnut, cookies n cream, choco yema, red velvet, Caramel twix,
Cupcakes clockwise from left: rocky road, double chocolate hazelnut, cookies n cream, choco yema, red velvet, Caramel twix,


Looking at their menu, it is easy to get lost with all the available variety of cupcakes. We did get to try six flavors of cupcakes. All of them were soft, moist and really good that it is hard to tell them apart. But there were hints of flavors that really stood out like the Red Velvet, Choco Yema and the Cookies and Crem. The 3oz cupcakes sell for Php 35, Php 40 and Php 45 depending on the flavor.

Ferrero Nutella Cheesecake
Ferrero Nutella Cheesecake


Then there’s a carousel of cakes on our table. Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe also had an extensive menu of cakes. But among the many served, the Ferrero Nutella Cheesecake left a lasting impression on me. The Matcha Oreo Cheesecake topped with Kit-kat matcha was also interesting since I enjoy matcha a lot, though I was looking for stronger matcha flavor in the cake.

We definitely had more than our afternoon fill of snack. We capped it off with a smooth and hefty serving of their brewed coffee. It’s good that Kim got Hungry when she thought about starting her business as I’m sure Angono locals and visitors don’t have a reason to be hungry again.

Oreo Matcha Cheesecake
Oreo Matcha Cheesecake

Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe

2nd floor Paulina Bldg. M. Diaz corner A. Ibanez Brgy. Sto. Nino, Angono, Rizal
Contact: + 63 0916 271 7551
Opening Hours : Tuesday-Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Facebook: /KimisHungry
Instagram: @kimishungrycakescafe

Visit here for Angono’s Higantes Festival Calendar of Event from October to December 2016.

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