Exciting Array of Flavors at L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant


The rooftop views of Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit are not the only draw on the 32nd floor of this 5-star hotel. Parisian-inspired L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant offers an enticing landscape of flavors when new Head Chef, Nicholas Basset, mans the kitchen. Chef Nicholas lends his vast experience and inspiration from his global travels to whip up a refined menu that’s not only instagrammable but promises to pique one’s taste buds.

Franco Thai (THB 390)
Franco Thai (THB 390)

L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

The fine dining ambiance can be intimidating but the staff makes sure to make us feel welcome. I sat at the Chef’s Table with my friend Ada of PinayWanderess, and our host. Mr Kumar of Sofitel, accompanied by his wife. From our vantage point, we have a clear view of the open kitchen, right where the action is. The interior’s ambiance is warm, contemporary and stylish yet evokes a relaxed, casual and unhurried atmosphere.

Oxtail Bon-bon and Tuna Tartare
Oxtail Bon-bon and Tuna Tartare

Tapas and Cocktails

L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant has a bar with a good list of signature cocktails, wines and beer. I wanted something local and differentm and the Franco Thai does the job with a distinct kick of lemongrass laced with a spark of Tabasco.

Chef Nicholas started us off with a few good tapas. The delightful Oxtail Bon-bon with Tartare Sauce (THB 380) has a rich savory, soft, meat inside its thin and crispy coating. The mini tacos, Tuna Tartare, (THB 390) however, has a fresh and stimulating taste heightened by the lemongrass vinaigrette.

Coco Scallops
Coco Scallops

Zesty Fusion of Flavors

At any restaurant I dine-in, I always look for dishes that define them — unique offerings I can’t easily find anywhere. And oh boy, Chef Nicholas served a few. The Coco Scallops (THB 590) plated aesthetically in half-a-coconut has this harmonious blend of flavors — from the coconut, cauliflower and truffle emulsion — that we never thought would go so well together.

Smoked Atlantic Octopus
Smoked Atlantic Octopus

Another dish from the sea worth trying is the Smoked Octopus (THB 690). Pay close attention to how this dish unfolds. Hidden within the smoky mass under the transparent food lid is the Atlantic octopus served with black garlic aioli and Ratte potatoes. Lift the lid and let the smoke waft and dissipate slowly. I grabbed a bite and got all tingly with the interplay of textures and the seafood’s smoky blend. There’s the crispiness from the garlic and rich creamy nuttiness from the potatoes that make it such a memorable dish.

Wagyu ribbons and foi gras
Wagyu ribbons and foie gras

The goodness that evening didn’t end there. There’s the luscious and tender Wagyu ribbons and poached foie gras (THB 720) swimming in truffle sauce followed by the balanced saltiness and full-bodied flavor of the Seared Patagonian Tooth Fish (THB 1,200) which made it hard to pick a favorite for the night.

Seared Patagonian Tooth Fish
Seared Patagonian Tooth Fish

To cap off the main dishes, we all had a beautiful serving of medium rare steak, cooked just as I prefer it — tender, juicy with all the meaty goodness intact.

For dessert, we had a fiery number.  The Phuket Pinapple (THB 380) was set ablaze like a flambé then served with a siding of Tahiti Vanilla and dehydrated pineapple. A cool finisher that’s not too sweet and refreshing after all the meat and seafood courses.

Medium rare steak
Medium-rare steak

More than a Dinner

I never noticed the hours passing by as we had interesting conversations at the table while having the wonderful dinner.  Sharing meals with friends, colleagues and a special someone is the best way to dine at L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. I enjoyed the excited reactions as we tried out the dishes one after another. Camera-toting millenials will find the dishes photo- and video-worthy while gourmands will surely savor the interplay of flavors here.  L’Appart is not just a place to eat in, it’s a place to experience great food, ambiance and company.

Phuket Pineapple
Phuket Pineapple

L’Appart Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Opening Dates & Hours
Open daily
Bar: 5pm to 1am
Tapas: 5pm to midnight
Dinner: 7pm to midnight

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Tahiti Vanilla with dehydrated pineapple strip
Tahiti Vanilla with dehydrated pineapple strip
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