Lia’s Cakes, Always in Season

Lia's famous Avocado Cake
Lia's famous Avocado Cake (P670 - whole/ P85 - slice)

Avocado is one of my favourite fruits and being a sucker for desserts, the combination of the fruit with a cake can be lethal. Strolling along with a fellow foodie friend in the streets of Kapitolyo, Pasig, which is fast becoming a food hub with a lot of new dining options popping up, we discovered Lia’s Cakes in Season. Lia’s is one of the old dining establishments in the area (it’s been there since 2004) known for its signature Avocado Cakes.

Interior of Lia's in Kapitolyo
Interior of Lia's in Kapitolyo

Jen: The look and feel of Lia’s easily blends with many of the establishments around: deceptively modest, yet casual and inviting to curious passersby. It features no more than four or five tables, with slightly dim interiors that somehow puts a highlight on the cake and pastries display almost right at the door.

Baked Fish
Baked Fish (P135)

Jen:  I decided to give the Baked Fish a try for dinner. When the dish, which was served with rice, arrived, it looked so simple that I wasn’t really expecting anything. But the dory seemed to have been marinated in a fusion of different spices, because even a little bite made the flavours burst in my mouth. I liked it a lot, though I wish the serving have been just a little bit bigger, a little more generous. It’s tempting to just indulge in the viand sans the rice – which I did – and that’s why I didn’t finish off my plate.

Aligue Pasta
Aligue Pasta (P135)

Ironwulf: The Aligue Pasta looked like typical spaghetti but the flavour of Aligue was there, not overly strong though, just right enough to yearn for more with each forkful.

Avocado Cupcake
Avocado Cupcake (P45)

Jen:  It’s nice that Lia’s doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dessert – not surprising because actually they’re known for their cakes in season. We had Avocado Cupcake, which is like the miniature version of the avocado cake, the store’s best-selling item. The cupcake itself was a bit bland, which was great because the icing topping it was really sweet. I though it made a rather good combination.   We also had Banana Caramel, a modestly sliced piece of cake generously concocted with bananas and drizzled with just the right hint of that sweet syrup.

Banana Caramel Cake
Banana Caramel Cake (P380 - whole, P50 - slice)

Ironwulf: I bought a whole Avocado Cake as dessert for media noche to welcome 2012. It looked delectable with bits of pistachio on top and a whiff of avocado aroma. I’m not too fond of uber sweet desserts and a lot of cakes are guilty of this especially when it comes to the icing. But the cake is packed with Avocado flavour even on the icing which made its sweetness just enough as not to spoil the palate. No wonder it has become a hit after all these years.

Lia’s Cakes in Season
Kapitolyo – 377.4808

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  1. do they have other branches? 🙂

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