Something is cooking at Max’s (and it’s not just chicken)

Maxs Crisp Tinapa Dumplings
Max's Crisp Tinapa Dumplings (Php 81 /6pcs)

Long, long before KFC Original Recipe/Hot & Crispy Chicken and Jollibee Chickenjoy, there was Max’s Fried Chicken. This enduring brand has been part of the Pinoy consciousness for generations, many thanks to the superlative taste of its chicken. So much so that diehard loyalists would say fried chicken is Max’s and Max’s is fried chicken. This is well and good but as with any aging food establishment, it is wise to keep offering something new to appeal to the younger, more fickle diners while providing a welcome surprise to diners like us who’ve grown up eating at Max’s.

The Max’s strategy it seems is to come up with dishes to complement its famous fried chicken. Happyfoodies think it’s a swell idea as Max’s will always be about chicken first, other dishes second. We recently paid a visit to this old favorite and see what’s new on the menu that’s worth trying.

Gambas Con Aligue
Gambas Con Aligue (Php 255)

Ironwulf said: Our meal started with their new appetizer, the Gambas Con Aligue. It not only looks good but the aroma was enticing. The shrimp was real tender and the aligue sauce was so good I just had to wipe the plate clean with the piece of bread that came with it.

Sauce dipping the Crisp Tinapa Dumbling
Dipping the Crisp Tinapa Dumpling in Soy Sauce Mix

Lagal[og] said: Let me say this outright – the Crispy Tinapa (Smoked Fish) Dumpling was a winner. Biting into one, the rich, textured taste of tinapa fills up your taste buds. The batter was not at all oily and was fried to a wonderful crispiness. It’s great as a side dish but it’s also filling enough to be paired with garlic rice – yummy!

Sizzling Tofu (Php 179.30)
Sizzling Tofu (Php 179.30)

Ironwulf said: I love Tofu dishes so I really had to try their Sizzling Tofu. It was a plateful and the creamy and sizzling taste was seeping into each block of tofu making each real tasty.

Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus (Php 247.50)
Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus (Php 247.50)

Lagal[og] said: I’m not a big fish eater but I love the Pinaputok na Bangus Belly (Steamed Milkfish Belly). It comes wrapped in banana leaves which visually, makes it more enticing and imparts a delicate scent to the bangus belly that no aluminum foil will. There is just the right amount of onions, tomatoes and green mango bits to add different textures and flavors to the firm, fleshy fish which doesn’t taste fishy (malansa) at all.

Max Fresh Favorites are available at
all Max’s Restaurants nationwide.
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  1. Hi guys,

    If you want children later…don’t eat too much Tofu…don’t say I didn’t warned you… 😉

    Eating too many soya products such as tofu can have a serious effect on a man’s fertility, according to a new study.

    And it doesn’t seem to be good for your brain either…

  2. Hi Sidney! I don’t fully agree with those links. If those were true, China’s population or even Japan’s wouldn’t be as many since Tofu is a staple on their diet.

    I heard there are people allergic to Soya and are not recommended for them and certain Non-GMO or overprocessed Soy isn’t good. But Dissing Soy and Tofu itself isn’t really an answer. I think this is just a propaganda from meat companies whose turning to vegetarian diets and using tofu meat as real meat substitutes.

  3. sidney, i think there are studies that show tofu has an effect on sperm/testosterone production but no conclusive evidence on long-term/permanent effect. siguro the best thing is to enjoy it, as with any kind of food, in moderation 😀

  4. You know what, I think I am the only one who hasn’t eaten at Max yet. And there is a Max here some 15 miles away. I wonder if they have the same menu out here. I may as well try eating there.

    I have no opinion on the tofu study affecting man’s virility. But LOL on Ferdz defense 🙂

  5. I was at Max’s Roxas last month and did not see this on the menu. Sayang! Will definitely try it once am back.

    Thanks guys! Really yummy-looking fotos here. 🙂

  6. Hi Avel! The Fresh Favorites was just introduced this March that’s why it wasn’t in the menu last you were there. Hope you’ll be able to try it when you come back.

  7. photo cache, i’d like to think the max’s chain will have more or less the same menu whether here or overseas.

    avel, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. hope the photos entice you to try out these new additions to the familiar max’s menu

  8. I’m pretty biased when it comes to pinoy food…oh well, that’s the trade off when you work in a resto haha

  9. Max is one of the best fastfood chain here in the Philippines. You will surely enjoy their line of affordable meals, be it an individual or group eating. If you have a great passion on Filipino dishes, come to Max and try their menus.

  10. I have dined in a lot of restaurants but to this day, I still haven’t tried anything from Max. Glad that I stumbled on this post of yours, right now, not only do I want to taste their famous chicken but I’m also finding myself salivating over those heavenly looking Gambas Con Aligue!

    Nice photos! I will definitely come back to check for more on your blog. 🙂

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