Milk Tea: The Cha Dao Tea Place Way


Serving a Cha Dao Milk Tea
Serving a Cha Dao Milk Tea

Nowadays, the choice of beverages has never been so complicated. It’s no longer as simple as coffee or tea but a more complex mixture of ingredients suited exclusively to one’s palate. Take for example the growing popularity of Milk Teas in the past years as a healthy alternative drink. Though I’ve never been really a fan, there’s no harm in trying especially when Cha Dao Tea Place gave us an opportunity to try out their Milk Teas. There’s one branch near our neighborhood so I invited guest foodie Jen to their Kapitolyo branch.

The Cha Dao Tea Place Kapitolyo Pasig Branch
The Cha Dao Tea Place Kapitolyo Pasig Branch


Jen says: I really like the location of this branch (we went to Kapitolyo). It manages to be both convenient and quite off the main road. In fact, the tiny district has a fair share of several quaint eateries that have that good neighborhood feel – like you can just take a leisurely stroll and stumble upon a place you’d like to try.


Jen says: I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed feel the interiors evoked. I guess the murals of trees set against a gaily green background, coupled with wooden chairs and tables, lends an earthy atmosphere to this modest tea place.

Ironwulf says: The interior does lend a relaxing and casual feel with its cool green wall, foliage patterns and earth-colored fixtures. The addition of free Wi-fi is a plus.


The Peach Mango and Cha yen Milk Teas
The Peach Mango and Cha yen Milk Teas


Ironwulf says: For a person not used to ordering milk teas, the choices can be overwhelming.  But it helps to ask and be educated by the friendly staffs there. First is a choice of Blends, since I like fruits and Yakult, I chose the Peach Mango from the Yakult Blends. Then it was time to choose the sinkers. I was intrigued by the Popping Bobba (a tapioca pearl with juice inside) so I chose that one to go with the Milk Tea. I really like the fruity blend with a touch of Yakult in the mix. The Popping Bobba sinker adds an amusing flavor and texture as the lychee juice pops from the bubble. I was delighted that my first experiment with milk tea was a flavorful success.

Jen says: I opted to have Cha Yen, which is a concoction of red tea, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk, and for sinkers I had coffee jelly. The cold drink reminded me a lot of Thai iced tea, because the taste of milk and tea surfaced the most for me. It’s a good option on a mildly hot afternoon, but I really think it would have been better if paired up with snacks (which unfortunately ran out when we visited Cha Dao), like maybe a hearty sandwich or a pastry of some sort.


Ironwulf says: Based on the popular Milk Tea places I’ve seen, Cha Dao Tea Place is probably the more affordable of the lot. Their Bestsellers, Classic and Yakult Blends, cost only P75 for the X-Large size and P65 for the Large. Their Basic and Fruit Teas go for P65 XL and P55 L


For more information on Branches and Locations check out their Cha Dao Facebook Page

4 responses to “Milk Tea: The Cha Dao Tea Place Way”

  1. I haven’t tried Milk Tea in my entire life, I’m not sure if it taste good. But the Yakult Blends makes me so curious that I want to have some now! They have only few branches and it’s a bit far from my location. But surely I will try it this year. 🙂

    Lette’s Haven

  2. Im not a fan of milk tea either but Im ok with thier yakult selection. There’s no doubt about thier popularity, I always see a long line of customers waiting for thier Chao Daos in Trinoma and Gateway.