Mrs Baker’s | A Delicious Find in Nueva Vizcaya

Mrs Baker’s | A Delicious Find in Nueva Vizcaya

It’s always a delight to find good restaurants outside of the metro. Mrs Baker’s in Nueva Vizcaya is worthy a stop when traversing the roads to Tuguegarao or Banaue. This two-storey establishment with warm and homey interiors is owned by Chef Jehan Damasco who have competed on internationally pastry competitions. Established in 2010, Chef Jehan had cooked up a sumptuous menu of local favorites and international flavors that not only Nuvo Vizcayanos rave about but those fortunate visitors enough to have stumbled upon this gem of a resto. We went here twice when we were in Nueva Vizcaya and here’s to share some of our favorite dishes.

Sicilian Salad (solo Php  95, sharing Php 210)
Sicilian Salad

The Sicilian Salad came in first as appetizer. The lettuce, grapes and mandarin orange topped with slices of pepperoni, dashed with pecorino cheese along with honey dressing and djon mustard added a fruity sourness and saltiness to the crispy fresh veggies. A good way to start our meal.

Mrs Baker's Bagnet
Mrs Baker’s Bagnet

The boned Bagnet seems ordinary at first but it is one of the best cooked bagnet I’ve tasted. The skin was really crispy but the inside was really soft. How they made it I have no idea but it was really good.

The Chickeneenee
The Chickeneenee (Half Php 170, Whole Php 300)

The fondly called Vizcaya’s Pride Chickeneenee definitely made me smile with its taste. It’s deep-fried fried chicken the good way – simply juicy with crispy skin. Their home made potato chips on the side was also crunchy-licious.

Peppered Fish and Grilled Vegetables
Peppered Fish and Grilled Vegetables (Php 300)

Yearning for something more healthy? The Peppered Fish with Grilled vegetable is a guilt-free treat. The peppered fish has clean taste and I like it very much savored with the soy-wasabi dip. The hefty serving of vegetable deserves a mention since they were grilled really well they taste smokey good.

Mushroom and Tofu
Mushroom and Tofu

Another meat-free alternative is the Mushroom and Tofu. I really like this dish since it has a good variety of tasty mushrooms swimming on a viscous savoury sauce.

Chicken Kebab with Curry Sauce
Chicken Kebab with Curry Sauce (Php 225)

It was also a surprise to have a taste of India in this resto. The Grilled Chicken Kebab with Curry has a garlicky flavored chicken which was so good on its own but the curry was so rich and spicy it enhanced the flavor. A personal favorite.

Pork steak
Pork steak

Pork lovers won’t be left behind with their Pork Steak. Delectable slab of grilled meat with full-flavored creamy mushroom sauce.

These are just the main entrees. Their shakes and desserts is another story altogether. So if ever you’re in Nueva Vizcaya, I recommend you stop, no let me correct that, you MUST try any of their dishes. I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Mrs Baker’s Restaurant and Pastry Shop
National Road, DTM Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
(078) 805-3500
Operating hours: 10am-9pm (Tue-Sat), 9am to 9pm (Sun)