Oppa Chicken: Proud Homegrown Korean Chicken

Korean chicken founds its place into the Filipino palette. With a few Korean franchises imported to our shores and its growing branches, it just shows how Filipinos enjoy these Korean flavors. An exciting local venture opens in the fast developing neighborhood of Orambo, Pasig. Oppa Chicken Portico brings its unique variety of Korean Chicken flavors. And this time hoping to export the brand internationally from Manila. Happyfoodies had a preview of their Korean Chicken variants they are set to serve once they open their doors this November 28, 2016.

The indoor dining area at Oppa Chicken Portico
The indoor dining area at Oppa Chicken Portico

Oppa Chicken Portico

Oppa Chicken may be a local brand but Ms Kim, the Korean Chef made sure the authentic Korean flavors are there by how they are prepared and the spices used. The mix and match of flavors and ingredients gave birth to at least 8 exciting flavors of Korean Chicken.

The YangNyum Oriental Sweet and Spicy Chicken
The YangNyum Oriental Sweet and Spicy Chicken (8 pieces at P280 and 16 pieces at P550)

Korean Chicken Flavors

The popular Ganjang, a soy-based sauce, flavors up the Ganjang Soy Garlic Chicken. Add some spices and herbs for that added heat for the YangNyum Sweet and Spicy Chicken.

The Snowing Cheese Chicken
The Snowing Cheese Chicken (8 pieces at P280 and 16 pieces at P550)

For the crunch and crispy kind, the Salt and Pepper brings back the zest of the traditional fried chicken. Snow it up with a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese for Snowing Cheese Chicken. I like the latter a lot.

For less-oil and a healthier option, theres the Crispy Baked Chicken and Oven Roasted Chicken.

The Padak Chicken
The Padak Chicken (P360_

Chicken Fillets

What really got me going here are their flavorful chicken fillets. The Padak Chicken was lite and fresh, the fillet has had that crunchy coating and tender meat. The mustard sauce and the green onion leeks adding to the sublime flavor.

The Bulsazo (P 360)
The Bulsazo (P 360)

The Bulsazo chicken fillet is a polar opposite. Also called the Atomic Bomb, prepare for its intensely fiery flavor. It comes with a serving of french fries on the side and those pleasantly chewy rice cake strips on that hot sauce.

Gulbange Top Shell Cold Pasta
Gulbange Top Shell Cold Pasta (P380)


Another one I was really fond of was the Gulbange Top Shell Cold Pasta. This cold noodle also has that strong piercing flavor from the sauce. And the use of top shell (sea snail) lends that distinct flavor from the sea.

Oppa Chicken is not just another Korean Chicken restaurant in the block. Their brand of chicken is surely exciting. Among the dishes we tried the Snow Cheese Chicken, Padak Chicken, Bulzaso and the Golbange Top Shell Pasta really were my personal favorites.

Oppa Chicken facade
Oppa Chicken facade

Oppa Chicken opens this November 28, 2016 at Portico Pasig. Plans are already underway to open branches in Makati, Alaban and Quezon City.

Oppa Chicken Portico
The Shoppes at Portico Capt. Henry Javier St Brgy. Oranbo
Pasig, Philippines
Contact: (02) 661 0000
Facebook: /Oppa-chicken-portico

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