Paris Delice: Now serving really flaky, really authentic French breads

Pain Au Chocolat
Pain Au Chocolat (P60)

There were bread crumbs on the table.  Crumbs on the tray liner.  And more crumbs on the saucers.  A nuisance?  If the crumbs were from ordinary bread, they would be.  But we were having Paris Delice breads for breakfast and notwithstanding the proliferation of French bakeries in the metro, it really doesn’t take a cultured palate to know these breads are different from all that came before them.

Busy Makati Avenue is Paris Delice’s first location, what we call the unofficial Malate of the country’s premiere business district with the number of expats and Caucasians either staying in the hotels and inns or frequenting the bars and establishments along the strip. Judging from the clientele that pass through the door the morning we were there, the breads are really pulling in the customers whether they’d be French, European, American or Pinoys.

Paris Delice Interiors
Paris Delice Interiors

Lagal[og] says: Paris Delice is really meant as a a French fastfood outlet.  The French pedigree reflects the choices.  For a fastfood shop, the offerings are refreshingly different and should I say, more healthful (sans, of course, the sinful breads and pastries).  There are salads in lieu of the usual burgers, juices and smoothies in addition to the usual colas.

Choquette, mini Croissont and mini Pain au Chocolat
Choquette (front P25), mini Croissont (left, P30) and mini Pain au Chocolat (back, P35)

Ironwulf says: Even for a so called ‘fastfood’ outlet, Paris Delice Restaurant has inviting interiors and comfortable-enough chairs for dine-in customers. It also helps that there’s free Wi-Fi for that much-needed quick online access. The kitchen is also open for viewing in case people would want to see how their food are prepared.

Almond Triangle
Almond Triangle (P85)

Lagal[og] says: For breakfast, I have bread every once in a while and this visit to Paris Delice was an occasion to skip the usual morning rice fare.  I’m no bread connoisseur but really, you don’t have to be one to appreciate an excellent bread when you taste one.  Happily, we had more than one kind plus pastries — partaking of Croissant, Chausson aux Pommes (Apple Turnover), Triangle aux Amandes (Almond Triangle), Chouquette, Flambe Baguette and Strawberry Tart.

Apple Turnover
Apple Turnover (P75) and Hot Chocolate (P90)

The Almond Triangle really made a big impression on me — the slightly tart, delicately sweet taste of almonds in a thick filling oozing out after biting into the flaky, buttery crust.  Well, even the Croissant is all-crumbly and flaky, the result of importing the mix all the way from France where the temperature, humidity and water quality are ideal for making breads and pastries with layers upon layers of really buttery crust that literally melts in your mouth.

Strawberry Tart
Strawberry Tart (P75)

Ironwulf says:I enjoy eating good-quality bread so I appreciate establishments that serve them even if just as some sort of appetizer. But for a French Resto like this, my expectations were high since the French incorporate their breads into everyday eating much like what we do with our pan de sal. Just looking at the golden brown colors and the beautiful layers of the bread crust, I was sure we’re in for a real authentic French treat.

Baguette Flambe
Baguette Flambe (P95)

I had my thick, rich and foamy Hot Chocolate to accompany their breads. And being a chocolate lover, I tried out their Pain Au Chocolat and it was a sheer delight biting into its rich buttery crust and savoring the exotic-flavored chocolate filling. The petite Choquette reminded me of those happy cream puffs with their lightly-sweet flavor and almost cotton-like texture. Speaking of the right sweetness, the filling of their Apple Turnover was really fruity while not being too sweet while the Strawbery Tart has that velvety creaminess and yogurt-like flavor without the sourness.

Paris Delice along Makati Avenue
Paris Delice along Makati Avenue

Lagal[og] says: Since we had quite a lot of stuff to try, we settled for the Strawberry Tart as dessert.  I guess, it typified the flavors of the other stuff we tried — not overly sweet, flavorful with just the right amount of tartness.  I also liked the Pain au Chocolat, the buttery, flaky crust melding perfectly with the superb chocolate filling.  Very soon, Paris Delice will be adding pasta dishes to their offerings.  That, and the rest of the breads and pastries we haven’t tried yet would be flavorful incentives to come back again and again.

Paris Delice
No. 1 Juno Street corner Makati Ave., Makati City
Open from 7am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday

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  1. saw this one time when i was on makati ave. a local fastfood joint used to be in that spot. will give it a try one these days.

    thanks for the info.

  2. I’ve visited Paris Delice several times last December. I love thier authentic French breads and pastries. I can now add another stanza to Frank Sinatra’s classic song “I love Paris in the Winter, Summer, Summer and Fall” by adding: I love Paris on Makati Avenue. Move over Delifrance and Le Coeur de France as Paris Delice finally got it right. Can’t wait for my next visit….Yummy!

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