Having a Milky and Sunny Breakfast

Milky and Sunny Breakfast Platter

Oh I’m definitely a breakfast person that’s why I always wonder how some people could skip it. Every morning, I look forward to the goodies — from cereals, pancakes, pandesal, bacons, hams paired with a good ‘ol brewed coffee. That’s why I’m loving Milky and Sunny at the heart of Kapitolyo, Pasig, a hub of great eats, a place where I could have breakfast meals all day.

Waiting area for Milky and Sunny
Waiting area for Milky and Sunny

Close to Kapitolyo

We came from the development site of the rising Avida Towers Centera right at the corner of Reliance and Mayflower streets in Mandaluyong. It took only less than 10 minutes to go to Milky and Sunny. So close I think I can manage to walk the whole stretch if I want to work up an appetite.

Feel good interiors
Feel good interiors

Milky and Sunny

The interiors are bright and washed in milky-white paint. One wall with a deeper shade of baby blue has a wonderful arrangement of frames and inspiring words. The interiors have a feel- good sunny atmosphere evoking the warm memories of drinking milk when one was a child. It’s one I would think the owners would like diners to feel, to harken to the wonderful childhood memories of a happy breakfast.

The breakfast platter at Php 270
The breakfast platter at Php 270

The Breakfast Platter

The menu is filled with interesting items but the most popular one is the Breakfast Platter.  It’s easy to see why since it has most of the breakfast goodies in one plate. First I have to choose three (yes three!) from the five main viands of Bacon, Hotdog, Sausages, Spam or Corned Beef. Then there’s the choice of Toast, Bagel, Waffle or Pancake to provide the carbs. To add to the complications is your choice of egg, either scrambled of sunny side up. A staple hash brown is added to the mix.

I had the bacon which was fried to a delightful crisp, meaty sausage sauteed in light oil and corned beef that definitely taste a lot better that the popular canned ones. I like that they kept the saltiness in check. The pancake was good and filling and the hash brown really good, golden crisp layers alternated with a soft layer of potato bits. Definitely a treat. I had their brewed coffee on the side which I found complimented the whole meal.

There were definitely more eye-catching and delectable meals on the menu. How about an Unlimited Cereal?  Can you believe that?  Definitely worth getting back to to try out the other meals.

Milky and Sunny
9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact: (632) 654-2049
Open from 7AM to 10PM Daily

This is the first of a Three-Part series on the Kapitolyo Food Tour courtesy of Avida Towers Centera. See how close this Pasig foodie hub is to this developing lifestyle residence in Mandaluyong. For more information about Avida’s condominiums in the Philippines, visit www.avidaland.com or call (+632) 848 5200 (within Metro Manila) and 1-800-10 848 5200 (outside Metro Manila).

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