Refreshing Eats and Views at Robinson’s Veranda (Part 2 of 2)

Hyphy's Bangus Steak
Hyphy's Bangus Steak (P210)

Continuing from where we left off, our next stop at Robinson’s Veranda is Hyphy’s by Chef Bruce Lim. It’s one of the notable restaurants in the Veranda Row especially for its laid-back and casual feel. Hyphy’s serves dishes chef Bruce grew up with which are Filipino foods in San Francisco. The Cobb Salad (P260) is a good start with its finely-grilled chicken strips along with the vegetable salad. But the most memorable dish on the table was the Bangus Steak. The large de-boned milkfish was pan-fried evenly and that special sauce is nothing short of addicting. It quickly became the favorite on our table.

Spicy Seafood Soup
Spicy Seafood Soup (P380)

From San Francisco-Filipino we move to Thai Cuisine served by 8 Spices restaurant. Their Whole Fried Lapu-lapu in 5 Kinds of Herbs (P510) was huge in size and flavor, with the sauce deserving special mention. But the Spicy Seafood Soup (Tom Yum) (P380) is the closest to authentic (if not really authentic) Thai Tom Yum goodness I had in a long while. I could clearly taste the flavors of lemongrass and spices that gradually build up with each spoonful to go with the variety of seafood bits to chew on.

Gilligan's Platter
Gilligan's Grilled Platter (P575)

Gilligan’s Restaurant serves some good old Filipino comfort food like the Grilled Platter (P575) of Inihaw na Baboy, Chicken BBQ, Pusit and Tuna Belly. I like how they were grilled just right and not overly done. The Pusit isn’t rubbery and has this special sauce to go with it. Their Sizzling Pork Sisig is good with its crispy bits, really meaty the way I like sisig.

Golden Spoon
Golden Spoon Orange 50/50 topped with Dark Choco and Kiwi Fruit bits

For dessert, after all those calories we consumed, we had something light and healthy — frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. They have a number of branches already but it’s nice they now have one here at the veranda. We get to try out small samplers of each flavor before we made our orders. I liked the Strawberry Cheesecake and Belgian Choco but I ordered the Orange 50/50 since I like its tangy taste. I topped it with dark chocolates and kiwi fruit bits. Yum!

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