Black Coffee Bliss at Resonate Coffee

Black Coffee Bliss at Resonate Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs can tell if a coffee is of good quality by the taste in its pure black state. I don’t consider myself an expert but having enjoyed coffee for some time, I have an appreciation for good coffee. I may not be intricate and meticulous in fully noticing the nuances and notes in a coffee but I think I can tell if one is of good quality or not to my personal taste. Resonate Coffee in Marikina Heights got me testing my palette once again in delving into the rich pure flavors of coffee.

Resonate Coffee
A biker favorite. A wall of stickers from different cycling groups.
Resonate Coffee
Biked my way here from Pasig

Pop-up Cafe Beginnings

Resonate Coffee is one of those small entrepreneurs that was born out from the COVID-19 pandemic. Setting up a pop-up cafe by the roadside in areas like Timberland in San Mateo, Rizal, popular amongst cyclist. They have also been a favorite among the cycling crowd.

Resonate Coffee
Pour-over specialty coffee

Resonate Coffee

It’s also through cycling I got familiar with Resonate Coffee. I biked to Marikina Heights from Pasig to check out the park. Looking for nice place to have coffee nearby, I found Resonate Coffee’s stall at a commercial center at the corner of West Drive and Champagnat Avenue.

There were already a few bikers there whom I had a pleasure of chatting with too. Some were very enthusiastic about coffee.

Pour Over Black Coffee

Resonate Coffee is one of those establishments that sell only a few items in their menu and they are good at it – Pour Over Black Coffee. Local and international single origin to be exact and few bite accompaniments on the side like cookies and brownies. Their beans vary depending on the source and availability. Coffee can be served hot or cold.

Resonate Coffee
Available coffee and snack offerings
Resonate Coffee
My cup of Brazil Cerrado

At that time, I wanted something nutty and chocolatey. The Brazil Cerrado was just perfect. I enjoyed watching how the baristas prepared the coffee. From weighing the proper amount, grinding and pouring. One of the bikers had me try the Costa Rica Canet Estate, it was a very pleasant play of fruity flavors and scent.

If you’re a fan of pure and unadulterated coffee and near the area of Marikina, I urge you to try Resonate Coffee. They are open Wednesdays to Sundays from 7am to 7:30pm.

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Resonate Coffee
Don’t forget to ask for a Resonate Coffee sticker.

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