Singapore’s World of Flavors (1 of 2)

Maggie's Buttered Squid (SG$6, 8, 12)
Maggie's Buttered Squid (SG$8, 12, 16)

Hopping from a hole-in-the wall restaurant to al fresco street dining, then to a humble stall in a kopitiam and later, to an unpretentious mall restaurant, food tripping is one activity I cherish when I’m in Singapore. The food offering is so diverse I can eat different cuisines from different parts of the world depending on what my appetite dictates that day. During my week-long stay, I tried the different restaurants my friend recommended which were all good at the particular type of cuisine they serve yet inexpensive.

Belachan Kangkong
Belachan Kangkong (SG$6,8,12)

Maggie’s Thai and Chinese Restaurant
It’s the first restaurant I was able to eat in in Singapore the first time I went there four  years ago. Now the entrance arcs of this high ceilinged restaurant has glasses and the simple cream walled interiors now air conditioned. The Buttered Squid is my favorite order here. As expected, the squid was soft and easy to chew beyond its buttery and crispy covering. The Belachan Kangkong is a nice contrasting companion with its spicy taste.

No1 Liang Seah Place #01-01 – #01-02
Liang Seah Street Singapore 189022
Tel 68370129

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (SG$6)

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
On a small stall along the line of restaurants in a Kopitiam in Bugis is a branch of Song Fa, famous for their Singaporean Bak Kut Teh. Pop in six dollars and we got a nice bowl of Bak Kut Teh with a few pieces of dough bread. It’s not as appealing in looks as its Malaysian counterparts and could be more flavorful. For its price, the strong peppery and garlicky soup was good. The meat was really tender and easy to pick out from the bone.

11 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059383
(Upp. Circular Road) – Beside The Riverwalk

Chapati Plate
Chapati Plate (SG$3.70)

Komala Villa
Where to find good ole Indian food? Where else but in Little India. It seems Komala Villa is getting famous that it has several branches now in this district. A lot of local Indians still dine here which strongly suggests that the Indian cuisine is authentic. I ordered a Chapati Plate. It’s cheap, filling and tasty. I added a hot cup of horlicks to go with the meal.

76 Serangoon Road
Tel: +65 6294 3294

Botak Jones Cajun Chicken
Botak Jones Cajun Chicken (SG$7.50)

Botak Jones
I was yearning for something Western to break the Asian flavors we had been tasting. We trooped to Orchard Youth Park and dining al fresco in Botak Jones for good American Food. I ordered a Cajun Chicken which comes with a side dish of Spicy Fries and Pasta. The chicken was well grilled with thin layers of mozzarella cheese and Cajun spice, lending the flavors that build up on every bite. The fries were also good but the pasta could do some work. I got to try their Italian Sausage as well, a bit more pricey but the flavor is premium.

Orchard Youth Park
121 Somerset Road
Singapore 238166
Tel 6735 0225

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  1. I would think that Singapore would be the hands down foodie central winner when a survey is conducted. The food is simply terrific.

  2. I loveee Botak Jones!! The servings are huge there! 🙂 Singapore surely is a “food mine” 🙂

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