Art Capital Cafe: A Cozy Compact Creative Cafe in Angono

Living up to the town’s reputation, Art Capital Cafe, is a cozy little cafe right beside a Caltex station in Angono. It serves up more than the usual brews but also showcases inspiring art pieces from up and coming artist. Art Capital Cafe was the last stop in our tour of Angono sites and eats. May we have saved the best for last?

Angono’s Balwarte: Satiate with Street Food

I think along with a lot of Filipinos, I grew up eating street foods. They are cheap, accessible, tasty and filling. The popular grilled isaw (chicken intestine) is a staple favorite on our table and we make sure to buy only from vendors we know. While street food is delicious, there can be sanitary concerns on how they are prepared and served. That’s why growing up, I toned down a bit on consuming them. That may be why my mouth was all agape when I plateful of isaw and other Filipino street food favorites were set on our table at Balwarte in Angono. I miss eating them. The place is a new family-owned restaurant in Angono serving Filipino street and comfort food in a simple and clean dine-in setting.

Lava Mocha Cafe: A Frappe Haven in Angono

Stop holding off on the whip cream and just let go of your sweet cravings once you enter Lava Mocha Cafe in Angono. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat funky though slightly tacky interiors. This cafe aims mainly for the student market from a nearby school. Prices are budget friendly yet in good portions and value. Most of all, they taste better than they are priced. But what you really come here for are the desserts.

Wings On The Go: Angono’s Favorite Burgers and Buffalo Wings

Finding a boutique shop inside a burger and chicken wings joint may seem to be an odd combination. For owners Faye and Leo David, they are just all too happy to finally have a place they can serve their homestyle charbroiled burgers and buffalo wings and give back to their loyal customers. The Wings On The Go restaurant may have opened recently this year (March 2016), but they have been operating since 2012 in a delivery and pick-up system. Their menu and offerings, showcased online via Facebook was such a massive hit they developed a cult-like following in Angono and nearby towns. On a recent visit to Angono, I had a chance to try Wings on the Go and find out what made people crazy over Wings On The Go.

Sweet Satisfaction at Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe

From what started as an online business of selling baked goodies and treats in Instagram and Facebook, Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe is one sweet success story. With enough loyal customer base who enjoyed her dessert offerings, Kim Gonzales, the owner, managed to open her own cafe. Now, her customers and walk-ins can enjoy her cakes, and cupcakes with the addition of coffee, frappes and other meals.

Angono’s Balaw Balaw Restaurant: Continuing the Exotic Appeal

Angono, the art capital of the Philippines is not only a haven for artist but has a rich culinary heritage. Talk about Angono and Balaw Balaw will eventually pop-up. Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery has been known to serve exotic dishes utilzing indigenous ingredients used by their forefathers like the balaw balaw (fermented shrimp sauce). They had been known to serve exotic dishes like butt and balls Soup #5, the fried itik (native duck) and uok (giant coconut worms). While the staples are still there, the Vocalan family who run the restaurant still try to innovate new dishes to adapt to the modern times.

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