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The Coffee Beanery Revival | Artisanal Coffee, Premium Tea Blends and Creative Mixes

The coffee beanery latte

There’s a growing number of third wave coffee shops in the country, a testament on the burgeoning taste of coffee lovers out there. The Coffee Beanery, who have established their premium coffee brand for more than a decade, responded to this heightened sophistication and revived their coffee offerings to cater to this market. Letting customers appreciate real coffee as art.

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Roots Ginger Brew: 100% Real. 100% Rocks

Roots Ginger Brew
Roots Ginger Brew (P21/bottle)

Your Happyfoodies have seen the amber bottles of this Aussie ginger brew in 7-Eleven outlets sometime ago but never paid much attention until Roots was formally launched in Outback Restaurant in Makati almost a week ago.  The theme was something along the lines of exploring a new brew.  Seems like a promise that almost every new drink promises, right?  But one sip was all it took to get a pleasant, refreshing surprise.

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