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Contessa Dolce: For a Medley of Strong Coffee and the Right Kind of Sweetness

Contessa Dulce in Cash and Carry Makati

Located right next to the Starbucks in Cash and Carry in Makati City, Contessa Dolce provides an interesting counterpoint to the coffee chain behemoth’s offerings — good, old-fashioned, freshly-milled (strong) brewed Arabic coffee and pastries that hit the sweet spot without going overboard on the sweetness.

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Sweet Satisfaction at Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe

Cupcakes from Kim is Hungry

From what started as an online business of selling baked goodies and treats in Instagram and Facebook, Kim is Hungry Cakes + Cafe is one sweet success story. With enough loyal customer base who enjoyed her dessert offerings, Kim Gonzales, the owner, managed to open her own cafe. Now, her customers and walk-ins can enjoy her cakes, and cupcakes with the addition of coffee, frappes and other meals.

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Caja: A Hidden, Homey Eating Place in Bontoc with a Marvelous View and Interesting Menu

Most of the eating places in Bontoc town proper and Illi are located on the main road, much like the arrangement of restos and cafes in Sagada.  Even if you’re new to the place, it’s fairly easy to spot them, each one just a short walk, after alighting from the bus or van from Baguio or Banaue.  Thing is, the main avenue can be noisy at certain times of the day, and if you’re looking for a quiet place to eat, relax, chill or meet a date, it’s a tricky proposition to find it.  Well, good thing there’s Caja.

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Sagada Brew: A new favorite is brewing

As repeat visitors to Sagada, we at Happyfoodies were both overjoyed and saddened during our recent visit.  Saddened because a) Misty Lodge’s restaurant is closed as Chef Bogan is attending to her mommy duties in Manila, b) Masferre Restaurant has taken off our favorite Kamatis Bagoong at Lechon Kawali in favor of a menu more oriented towards foreign guests.  But on a bright note, we chanced upon a new, welcome addition to the eateries lining the town’s main street:  Sagada Brew.  It was actually the recommendation of Wanda, our kind hostess at Rock Inn Farm, to try out the new place (talk about very friendly competition).  It was also a blessing to come on an off-peak season where a lot of eating places are closed for repairs, which helped directed our feet to this shop.

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Poco Deli | Bacon Like no Other and More

Poco Deli Bacon Slab

I will never look at bacon the same way again. While I love my thin, crisp and crunchy bacon, the savory thick slabs of cooked bacon at Poco Deli changed my cholesterol charged preference. The Bacon Slab (Php 320), coupled with bacon rice (bits of bacon on rice) and sunny side up egg on top have a really intense flavor that I was at a loss for words to describe it.  It’s just pure enjoyment with every bite. I tell you, Poco Deli is a haven for bacon lovers and it is found on this artisan sausage deli in Kapitolyo, Pasig. But the fun doesn’t stop there as we tried their other offerings begging to steal your attention.

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Angeles City Foodtripping: Kitsch and Cakes at Cioccolo

Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake
Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake (P145/slice)

It’s off the usual route and takes a bit of traveling to get to but Cioccolo is an interesting place to go to at night. Right in the middle of a dark field, it seems a place of enchantment has sprung up, magically lit up at night. There’s R2-D2 in one area, Elvis in another as well as Roman statues here and there among a host of other curiosities that catch the eye and piques one’s interest no matter how blasé he or she can be. There are even huge banquet halls spread out on the spacious lot that looked like settings for a medieval tale complete with trompe l’oeil ceilings, huge chandeliers, gilded walls and ornate furniture. Cioccolo’s truly kitschy as kitschy can be but in a pleasant way, maybe strangely romantic even like a fantasy world.  Contrastingly, the coffee shop looks “normal” and “real world”, warmly lit and inviting for a nightcap. The whole place looks every bit interesting but we wonder if the food could be as “kitschy” good as well.

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Lia’s Cakes, Always in Season

Lia's famous Avocado Cake
Lia's famous Avocado Cake (P670 - whole/ P85 - slice)

Avocado is one of my favourite fruits and being a sucker for desserts, the combination of the fruit with a cake can be lethal. Strolling along with a fellow foodie friend in the streets of Kapitolyo, Pasig, which is fast becoming a food hub with a lot of new dining options popping up, we discovered Lia’s Cakes in Season. Lia’s is one of the old dining establishments in the area (it’s been there since 2004) known for its signature Avocado Cakes.

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