Coffee 8065 | Nothing Fancy Just Good Coffee and More

I’m glad an old favorite cafe returned. Coffee 8065, a cafe owned by the same people behind the 8065 Bagnet re-opened early this year to a new location in San Antonio Village in Makati. Moving from their former home, 2nd floor of a building along Estrella, their new home is more accessible being on the streetside. A bambike (bamboo bike) holds their signature sign parked just in front of their entrance. From outside it looks like one of the houses in the neighbourhood, inside is the familiar cozy ambiance with very homey vibe.

Bontoc Eats | Goldfish Cafe: Fancy and Cozy

It became my temporary office in Bontoc. The cozy sofa and chairs, the tasteful interiors heavy on travel theme coupled with beautiful photos of the rice terraces and people of the Cordilleras is truly inviting. My almost weeklong stay in Bontoc finds me in Goldfish Cafe catching up on work and the online world. For Bontoc standards, Goldfish Cafe is the fanciest cafe in town. For a town whose local coffee culture is quite predominant already how does Goldfish Cafe’s specialty coffee offerings fare?

The Coffee Beanery Revival | Artisanal Coffee, Premium Tea Blends and Creative Mixes

There’s a growing number of third wave coffee shops in the country, a testament on the burgeoning taste of coffee lovers out there. The Coffee Beanery, who have established their premium coffee brand for more than a decade, responded to this heightened sophistication and revived their coffee offerings to cater to this market. Letting customers appreciate real coffee as art.

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