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  • Lava Mocha Cafe: A Frappe Haven in Angono

    Lava Mocha Cafe: A Frappe Haven in Angono

    Stop holding off on the whip cream and just let go of your sweet cravings once you enter Lava Mocha Cafe in Angono. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat funky though slightly tacky interiors. This cafe aims mainly for the student market from a nearby school. Prices are budget friendly yet in good portions and value. Most of all, they taste better than they are priced. But what you really come here for are the desserts.

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  • Cafe Shibuya: Delectable Toast and Gourmet Drinks

    Cafe Shibuya: Delectable Toast and Gourmet Drinks

    It’s not your usual toast. Cafe Shibuya has signature high toast that are 2.5 inch thick, topped with ice cream (or two) and sprinkled with powder, fruits or chocolates depending on the desired flavors. Just looking at the variety of offerings from the menu, its challenging to make a choice as most of them look delectable. The drinks was quite easy as I love coffee and matcha and they have a blend of both.

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  • Cooling off a wet summer with Selecta Hersheys Ice Cream

    Selecta Hersheys Lineup III PAGASA declared a wet summer and the often fickle weather is living up to that paradox. But climate change or not, what’s summer without warm days sweetened by dollops of ice cream? Well, you know it’s going to be an interesting summer when Selecta comes up with not one but four new flavors, three of which are choco-inflected.

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  • Brownie points for Brownies Unlimited

    Brownies Unlimited Forrest Gump may have said that life is like a box of chocolates but he never had the dilemma of contemplating on what kind of chocolate brownie he’s going to get from an assorted boxful from Brownies Unlimited. That’s what Happyfoodies mulled upon when we got boxes of chocolate goodies from BU over the holidays. Not to complain though as we’re certified chocoholics.

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  • Dark Chocolate Orange and other tales at Haagen Dazs

    Haagen Dazs Icicle Works It’s hard not to love Haagen Dazs. The texture is always creamy, smooth and velvety. The flavors are real and faithful to the fruits that inspired them. And what they say is true – the ice cream’s consistency is dense and full-bodied, not full of air, even when melted. True, the price is very premium but the quality you get is incomparable. We got invited to another Haagen Dazs event (always a welcome thought for any foodie) and got to try more flavors.

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  • Cooling off in Cabanatuan at Puno’s

    Puno's Home Made Ice Cream Chocolate Casoy While it was raining in the Metro over the weekend, your happyfoodies were following the hiking and food trail to the northeastern part of Luzon. One of our stops on the way home was Cabanatuan, and at the suggestion of a friend, we made a stopover at Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet to cool off the increasingly hot day. Our friend says it’s a must-visit place and we were just happy to oblige.

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