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Comfort food served sans pretensions at Cuillere

Cuilleres Le Foi Gras Sandwich (P1,295.00)
Cuillere's Le Foi Gras Sandwich (P1,295.00)

Years ago, a popular donut brand advertised its croissants to the strains  of French music to convey authenticity.  In the same vein, a popular coffee brand showed a couple sipping their instant coffee in lieu of café au lait with Paris in the background. Then, there was also a time when two French-themed bakeries went head-to-head to stage their version of the French Revolution, armed with baguettes and French bread.  You’d think by now a lot of Filipinos would be more familiar with French cuisine but ask the casual foodie what his/her favorite French food is and most likely you’d get a blank stare.  Or pray you don’t get “French fries” for an answer.

Well, that must be because we don’t really have French influences in our culture, including our cuisine, much in the same way as our neighbors such as Vietnam and Cambodia have, being French territories in the past.  Much of what the casual foodie knows about French food points to either the ‘Filipinized’ taste of French breads and pastries or the gastronomic treats that sound intimidating to the ear and even more so to the pocket. Which is why an invitation to sample French comfort food at Cuillere in Serendra at Bonifacio High Street, came as a refreshing and welcome experience, sans pretensions and intimidation.

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Simple, fresh eats at Unit 8 Café

Unit 8 Crisp Fried Whitebait with Sauces (P180)
Unit 8 Crisp Fried Whitebait with 3 Sauces (P180)

It’s not uncommon for us to meet restaurant owners who venture into the food business because of one fact: the love of good food.  For them, the restaurant becomes an extension of their home kitchen, with menus that include their favorites and reflect their preferences. Straying into Unit 8 café, we found this to be a fact. Tucked at the bayside of the Southeast Asia’s Mall, it promises unpretentious food with a simple philosophy: simplicity, elegance and freshness. Let’s see if the place lives up to that promise.

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