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J. Co Donuts get the sweetness and softness just right

Alcapone Donut
Alcapone Donut

Before you know it, we’re deep into the Christmas holiday.  It’s the time of the year when part of the tradition is the merry eating, often a cause for indulgence that will visibly manifest itself come January.  It’s also the time to give and receive (food calories included in the merry swapping of presents) so it was really a pleasant surprise to get boxes of J. Co Donuts at the doorstep.  Hmmm, gets us into thinking:  is there really room for another donut brand in a sweetly saturated market?  J.Co isn’t really a new brand, having been around in other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia where it got started since 2005.  Well, only with a taste test can tell so we made room for extra calories to give Happyfoodies readers our impressions.

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