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Angeles Foodtripping: Finding Kimchi and Sashimi at Yu Fu In

Yu Fu In's 25 spices Kimchi
Yu Fu In's 25 spices Kimchi

A Koreantown in Angeles City?  We’re probably too used to the concept of Chinatown that this idea seemed like a novel concept.  Driving along the stretch of Friendship Highway, we passed a strip of establishments sporting signages in Korean with no English translations.  Which ones are restaurants, it’s hard to tell.  But for a taste of kimchi (the best one here for miles, so says our guide-friend, Tin, from the Angeles City tourism office), we bypassed Koreantown and headed to Balibago for Yu Fu In.

The restaurant is located in a sizable structure located across the town park.  We later learned that it is in fact, the largest freestanding Japanese restaurant in the Philippines with a dining area spread across three stories — the main dining area on the ground floor, a Yakiniku area complete with the requisite stove and exhaust fan on every table on the second, and an open air area on the third.  It’s a strange curiosity to find kimchi in a Japanese restaurant but as we taste the food, we find there’s more to like there.

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