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  • Surf Shack: Pizza, Craft Beer and Music in La Union

    Surf Shack: Pizza, Craft Beer and Music in La Union

    A haven for surfers to chill and listen to some bands and electronic music play. Surf Shack is inspired by the stoked lifestyle as evidenced from the many surfboards adorning the walls. Surfing photos in action and portraits almost filling up one side of the wall. Surf Shack is also home to local cocktails, craft beers and fusion pizza.

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  • Cube-O Grill: A Fine Filipino Feast in La Union

    Cube-O Grill: A Fine Filipino Feast in La Union

    With a witty play of words on the Filipino term kubo, Cube-O Grill (pronounce as kub-o) is a native style, open-air restaurant mostly made mostly of beautiful hardwood materials. The restaurant serves Filipino cuisine. Their staple Cube-O Salo-salo platter has grilled goodies, beer food, vegetables and three kinds of rice (garlic anchovy, java and plain rice). A set meal best served to a group of friends and family coming from an exhilarating surf session or coming back from a trek at Tangadan Falls in La Union.

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  • Mad about Burgers at Mad Monkeys La Union

    Mad about Burgers at Mad Monkeys La Union

    There’s a reason to be mad about Mad Monkeys in La Union. This small street corner stall sells only one dish – burgers! And they are so good at it. Cue the funky jazz tunes, have a cold beer in hand and enjoy a bite or two (or more) of their Classic Burger (Php 180). In between the burger buns are 1-inch thick and juicy 180gm meaty burger patties with melted cheese smothered in beer sauce. Owner, Mateo, an avid traveler got inspired by the Mad Monkey’s hostel in Cambodia and decided to bring its chill backpacker vibe in La Union. He originally came to La Union to surf but fell in love with the place. Eventually setting up shop and overseeing operations since 2015.

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  • El Union Coffee: Caffeine and Dessert Bliss at Elyu

    El Union Coffee: Caffeine and Dessert Bliss at Elyu

    I have a friend who’s known as the “Sound Check Guy”. He’s musically inclined and decided to live in La Union for good finding it felt more home to him. He worked as a barista for a small coffee shop there. That’s where I first heard about El Union Coffee. This small cafe ran by Kiddo and Sly sources locally grown coffee beans from around La Union. Their signature blend eventually was a hit among the locals and tourist. The cafe grew bigger than its size and had to move to a new location along MacArthur National Highway.

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  • Coffee at Tagpuan sa San Juan

    Coffee at Tagpuan sa San Juan

    “A meeting place”, if you’re wondering what “Tagpuan” means in English. Tagpuan sa San Juan, the humble street corner eatery with a couple of tables and crates as chairs serves cheap comfort eats from kansi, goto to tapa and more. We weren’t actually looking for a meal that morning since we had breakfast but was delighted they serve real brewed coffee. Yes, not the instant 3-in-1 kind we had earlier. Even with the sweltering heat, I savor the warmth of a quality brew. I’ll take it any day warm or cool. But what made is visit this unpretentious eatery is not only for the food but their unique movement for the La Union community.

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  • Lakbay Norte Food Trail from La Union to Baguio

    SOUL Cafe Hot Choco Food discoveries during travel have always been the heart of Happyfoodies. And this Lakbay Norte 2, a familiarization tour of select places at North Luzon, we get to try out some interesting food stops along the way to Baguio from Manila on our first day. Our breakfast at SOUL Cafe in La Union, snacks at Cafe Isabelle and dinner at Hotel Elizabeth’s Flora Cafe.

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