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Terraz: Meetings and Bistro | Upscale Dining Space with Playful Quality Dishes

Dining with a Makati City View

Set inside one of the most impressive looking buildings at the heart of the Makati Central Business district, the Zuellig, Terraz Meetings and Bistro is as elegant as the mirage-like building it is housed. Sweeping views of Makati skyline especially at night, refined interiors with tasteful artworks and good lighting accentuate the cozy mood. The dining crowd means business, mostly in their formal business garbs but don’t get intimidated though as it is open for casual diners too, the date crowds or those looking for after-work cocktails for relaxation and chit-chats. Join us as happyfoodies with guest foodies Sol of Sol Razo and Jam of Haveatyou samples the international cuisines with a twist from the playful chefs of Terraz.

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Instant home dinners get the gourmet treatment with Almost Gourmet

Chinese Chicken Tim on Yang Chow Rice
Chinese Chicken Tim on Yang Chow Rice

Honestly, I was half-expecting the instant dinner to be, well, like the usual instant food stuff — tummy fillers that are short on flavor.  So it came as a pleasant surprise to find Almost Gourmet tasty, hot off the microwave oven.  Not a bad idea for home dinners especially for households that are short on cooking prep and time (what household still enjoy that luxury, anyway).

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Spud Diner: More than just a slice of the ole Potato Corner

Baked Potato Lasagna
Baked Potato Lasagna, P90

We’re a rice-eating nation and even with the globalization of the Filipino taste buds, rice remains to be our main source of carbs.  But every once in a while, one just wants a break — maybe a pasta dish here or a sandwich there.  With the birth of The Spud Diner, you can add potato dishes to your list of options.  It used to be that potatoes are relegated to side dish status on the dinner table (mashed with gravy on top or sliced into strips, deep-fried and served as French fries).  Maybe, that’s because most of the potatoes that are served here are imported from the U.S. of A and saying “I’m a meat-and-potatoes person” sounds very colonial and un-Pinoy.  But Spud Diner, an offshoot of the flavored fries institution called Potato Corner, rises up to the challenge of giving potatoes its rightful place on the table by providing this staple with some surprising twists.

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