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  • Black Coffee Bliss at Resonate Coffee

    Resonate Coffee stall at Marikina Heights

    Coffee connoisseurs can tell if a coffee is of good quality by the taste in its pure black state. I don’t consider myself an expert but having enjoyed coffee for some time, I have an appreciation for good coffee. I may not be intricate and meticulous in fully noticing the nuances and notes in a coffee but I think I can tell if one is of good quality or not to my personal taste. Resonate Coffee in Marikina Heights got me testing my palette once again in delving into the rich pure flavors of coffee.

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  • Vikings SM City Marikina | The 4th of July Menu Specials

    It can be a bit overwhelming to step in a buffet restaurant such as Vikings Luxury Buffet. Their extensive offerings can lead to indecisions sometimes on what to eat. Well this month of July, let happyfoodies offer some delightful suggestions. Through the cool guys from PinasMuna, I got the chance to sample their new offerings as celebration of America’s 4th of July. Starting on the said date and throughout the month, you can see these new dishes on different buffet stations, particularly in the Vikings SM City Marikina branch.

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