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A Taste of Asia at Makansutra

Makansutra Beef Satay
Makansutra Beef Satay

Going back to the Manila Ocean Park last weekend became a trip not only for your happyfoodies to rediscover the oceanarium but to fish for something else – the food offerings at the Makansutra Asian Food Village located at the Ocean Park mall.

Makan means “eat/eating” in Bahasa while Sutra means thread or line holding things together (or metaphorically, a collection of such lines or things such as in the Hindu scriptures) in Sanskrit. This is especially meaningful as Makansutra is envisioned to be a place gathering together fare from all over Southeast Asia sold hawker-style.  Granted that one may not always have the opportunity to travel but at Makansutra, one can let his/her taste buds do the traveling.  Will K.F. Seetoh, the Singaporean foodie who inspired this enterprise, approve?  Tag along with your happyfoodies and find out.

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