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Angeles City Foodtripping: Panizza and gelato stop at C’


Rolled C'Italian Panniza
Rolled C’Italian Panniza

We came to C’ Italian Dining towards the tailend of our Angeles City foodtrip assignment for a magazine.  It was just early evening but we were already full after a day of glorious eating.  But who’s to resist a serving of Italian fare?  Not us, especially when it comes with a promise of ice cream at the end of the course.  Finding the restaurant was a cinch as it is located just along Clarkview, literally within view of the entry gate to the Clark Ecozone.  The first thing we noticed while waiting to be seated was the wall-lined with plates upon autographed plates, kind of like badges of good taste.  As if we needed any as the place, the originator of the Panizza, the medley of Panini and Pizza now becoming popular in other joints, came highly recommended by our friends from the tourism office.

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