Benassi Alimento E Caffe | Ravioli and other Italian Goodies

An unassuming establishment at the ground floor of Exchange Regency Residence Hotel in Ortigas. Benassi Alimento E Caffe is easy to miss once you make a turn to the inner Jade road from Exchange Road in Ortigas. However, those who spot this humble dining space is in for a treat. Benassi is a family-run restaurant. Filipino-Italian owner Katia Benassi was born and raised in Italy and brought their beloved home-cooked Italian favorites in Manila.

Food Truck Park Rolled in at Capitol Commons

Street side eats adds a welcome change as food trucks roll in at Capitol Commons in Pasig. Just within the neighborhood, I checked out this rising commercial area that’s set to redefine the lifestyle of Pasig residents and more. I’m surprised to see a manicured garden, stylistic lamp post, oh so inviting benches, wide spaces and nice breeze amidst constructions. The ambiance is already there, now what’s missing? How about some great eats! Here comes the Food Truck Parks‘ offerings, delivering an all new dining experience at Capitol Commons.

Poco Deli | Bacon Like no Other and More

I will never look at Bacon the same way again. While I love my thin crisp and crunchy cooked bacon, the savory thick slabsfinely cooked bacon at Poco Deli changed my cholesterol charged excitement for bacons. The Bacon Slab (Php 320), coupled with bacon rice (bits of bacon on rice) and sunny side egg on top, the intense flavor left me no words but pure enjoyment on every bite. It’s a haven for bacon lovers I tell you and it is found on this artisan sausage deli in Kapitolyo, Pasig. But the fun doesn’t stop there as we tried their other offerings begging to steal the

Having a Milky and Sunny Breakfast

Oh I’m definitely a breakfast person that’s why I always wonder how some people could skip this part of the meal. Every morning, I look forward for the goodies, from cereals, pancakes, pandesal, bacons, hams paired with a good ‘ol brewed coffee. That’s why I’m loving Milky and Sunny at the heart of Kapitolyo Pasig, a hub of great eats. A place I could have breakfast meals all day.

Lia’s Cakes, Always in Season

Lia's Cakes in Season Avocado Cake Avocado is one of my favourite fruits and being a sucker for desserts, the combination of the fruit on a cake is lethal. Strolling along with a fellow foodie friend in the streets of Kapitolyo, Pasig, which is fast becoming a food hub with a lot of new dining options popping up, we discovered Lia’s Cakes in Season. Lia’s is one of the old dining establishments in the area (been there since 2004) that has been known for their signature Avocado Cakes.

Milk Tea: The Cha Dao Tea Place Way

Cha Dao Tea Place Nowadays, the choice of beverages has never been so complicated. It’s no longer as simple as coffee or tea but a more complex mixture of ingredients suited exclusively to one’s palate. Take for example the growing popularity of Milk Teas in the past years as a healthy alternative drink. Though I’ve never been really a fan, there’s no harm in trying especially when Cha Dao Tea Place gave us an opportunity to try out their Milk Teas. There’s one branch near our neighborhood so I invited guest foodie Jen to their Kapitolyo branch.

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