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  • Sagada eats

    Rock Inn We came to Sagada on a weekday to explore the foodscape as much as the landscape. The weather, as always, was conducive not only for hiking but also for good eating. In the limited time we stayed, we found either newer places or newer offerings from the old reliables. Here we share some of our favorites.

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  • As Pinoy as Guapple Pie in El Ideal

    El Ideal's Famous Guapple Pie How does one turn something as iconic-American as apple pie into a very Pinoy fare? It’s either a big mistake or a big hit. In the case of El Ideal Bakery, it’s a big, big hit. So much so that all of the locals we met during a trip to Silay, Negros Occidental, recommend its Guapple Pie with near reverence. And it’s no surprise as the pie has been a consistent bestseller ever since it was introduced by this institution in Silay. Made from the guapple fruit (oversized variety of guava), it is a favorite among the locals and a must-taste for all visitors. No wonder it constantly makes the lists of yummy desserts across the Philippines.

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  • Goodfood hunting

    Hunter's Lamb Chops 22 years is a very long time for any restaurant to be around especially now that restaurants sprout one year and close shop the next. Hunters could be commended for longevity alone if it weren’t for the wonderful food it offers. Tucked in a rather non-descript part of Mile Long in Makati, Hunters carries on a tradition of exotic fare that harkens back to a time when game animals such as wild boar and deer were still plentiful and un-politically correct to serve.

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