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Benassi Alimento E Caffe | Ravioli and other Italian Goodies

Benassi Ravioli

An unassuming establishment at the ground floor of Exchange Regency Residence Hotel in Ortigas. Benassi Alimento E Caffe is easy to miss once you make a turn to the inner Jade road from Exchange Road in Ortigas. However, those who spot this humble dining space is in for a treat. Benassi is a family-run restaurant. Filipino-Italian owner Katia Benassi was born and raised in Italy and brought their beloved home-cooked Italian favorites in Manila.

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Poco Deli | Bacon Like no Other and More

Poco Deli Bacon Slab

I will never look at bacon the same way again. While I love my thin, crisp and crunchy bacon, the savory thick slabs of cooked bacon at Poco Deli changed my cholesterol charged preference. The Bacon Slab (Php 320), coupled with bacon rice (bits of bacon on rice) and sunny side up egg on top have a really intense flavor that I was at a loss for words to describe it.  It’s just pure enjoyment with every bite. I tell you, Poco Deli is a haven for bacon lovers and it is found on this artisan sausage deli in Kapitolyo, Pasig. But the fun doesn’t stop there as we tried their other offerings begging to steal your attention.

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Sagada’s Misty Lodge and Cafe: Food worth walking kilometers for

Dam's Chickent
Dam’s Chicken (P170)

The perpetual nip in the air is simply made for good eating.

One of the finer pleasures of Sagada is gustatory in nature. Everything — the weather, the elevation, the views — seem to inspire indulgence. Dunno but there’s something about hieing off to the boondocks that make even the mundane special, like ordinary coffee or instant noodles become a treat especially after a hike.

Perhaps, by stroke of serendipity, Happyfoodies found accommodation in the town outskirts some 1.5 kilometers from the sentro. Meaning yes, we’re away from where most of the eating places are but by luck, very, very close to Misty Lodge and Cafe. Our host, Derick, of Yabami Lodge recommended it as we were looking for somewhere closer to eat apart from Rock Inn’s Bodega Cafe some 350 meters away. Smoked out from the Panag-apoy rites, we decided to drop by at dinner time as the cafe was on our way home anyway. So, did we like the food? Well, we came back a second and third time during our three days in Sagada. It was that good.

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Herencia Cafe: Ilocano Fusion Cuisine at its Finest

Herencia Cafe Langonisa Pizza
Herencia Cafe Langgonisa Pizza

To say I love Ilocano Food is an understatement, believe it or not, Ilocos is one of the regions in the country where the food excites me as much as the sights. On the second to the last day of our Lakbay Norte 2 tour, we ventured to Herencia Cafe, just in front of the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Ssite of San Agustin Church in Paoay. Such a perfect spot where we not only get to see a stunning heritage church, we also got to enjoy the culinary heritage of Ilocos.

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Un amore at Buon Giorno

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb (P598)

Minetrone and bruschetta so good, they inspired and conspired to make people fall in love.  Veteran photographer Mark Floro tells of a food tale both incredible and romantic — of how Linda so enamored him with her renditions of Minestrone and Bruschetta that he promptly married her.

The story piqued the curiosity of your Happyfoodies so much so that when we got the opportunity to visit Buon Giorno, Mark and Linda’s Italian restaurant in Ortigas, we knew we had to order what has smitten Mark.

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Alfresco dining at the Rooftop

Rooftop Restaurant Wood Fired Pizza
Rooftop Restaurant Wood Fired Pizza

Heading to a tropical destination such as Camiguin, one almost automatically imagine being served seafood at every meal. But for visitors who long for something familiar, there’s a big surprise waiting in the capital, Mambajao.

The island has attracted its share of foreign investors and one of them, an American, has found his way to opening a spanking-new restaurant-cum-hotel-cum-bar. The place is Rooftop, located at the busy thoroughfare of Mambajao proper. The stocked bar and rather sleek-looking restaurant weren’t open yet at the time we dropped by but the brightly-lit restaurant was already serving very good pizzas and pastas.

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