Cafe Shibuya: Delectable Toast and Gourmet Drinks

It’s not your usual toast. Cafe Shibuya has signature high toast that are 2.5 inch thick, topped with ice cream (or two) and sprinkled with powder, fruits or chocolates depending on the desired flavors. Just looking at the variety of offerings from the menu, its challenging to make a choice as most of them look delectable. The drinks was quite easy as I love coffee and matcha and they have a blend of both.

Buffalo Swing | Home-Cooked Chicken Wings, Pizza, and More

It’s always nice to discover non-commercial establishments ran by young entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in the food business. One such establishment in the heart of Pasig is Buffalo Swing. This family-ran hole-in-the wall resto has been serving a excellent buffalo wings and more for more than two years already. Enjoyed mostly by nearby residences like the Riverfront and offices in Ortigas, people who knew about Buffalo Swing may have kept the existence of this wonderful little resto to enjoy it for themselves. But something this good would likely be known in the foodie world eventually. Join happyfoodies with guest foodie Jen as we sample their house specialties.

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