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Want home-made tasting polvoron? Just HOP over

House of Polvoron Assorted Box of 20s
House of Polvoron Assorted Box of 20's

After years of hankering for food that bears the imprint of commercial kitchens, there really comes a time when one starts looking for home-made flavors. Such is the case for polvoron, one of the Philippines’ most popular sweets. This shortbread is relatively simple to make with the most basic of ingredients being flour, butter, powdered milk and nuts.  But consistently getting the  taste right is another thing.  This is where House of Polvoron (or to be more hip, HOP in short) leverages itself, focusing on just this product and nothing but. We’ve tasted a lot of polvorons before so will this be another one of those commercial-tasting ones? That’s what we’d like to find out.

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